Become a member

At its core, the NCA exists to preserve and enhance the environment for all local residents over the long term. To sustain community and environmental projects, NCA needs your financial support.

Please generously support our efforts!

Your support, financially through dues or donation as well as through volunteer opportunities, helps in a variety of ways:

  • Provides a legal fund to support environmental causes and to inhibit improper development of beaches and wetlands
  • Contributes to the preservation of the beaches.
  • Contributes to the preservation of the park lands.
  • Provides humanitarian support in times of natural disaster.
  • Provides funding for our community partners.
  • Reduces your cost of health insurance (ask us about our group insurance rate)
  • Gives you access to a members only section with important information

The NCA has an elected board of directors, voted into office annually by the membership. When you become a member, you are demonstrating your support of the all-volunteer board and of the NCA’s philosophy.

All members of the NCA are encouraged to participate in meetings and committees, and run for the Board of Directors.

Why do we have voluntary assessments for property owners?

The NCA’s Mission speaks directly to preserving all property owners’ investments. Our work – in water, waste management, beach and parkland protection – helps protect those investments.. Keeping Playas de Nosara a unique and special place is an obligation the NCA takes seriously. So please pay the voluntary assessment — we cannot function without it.

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