Board of Directors

NCA elects a new board every year during our annual general assembly meeting in January. The terms of office run from April 1 to March 30.

April 2015 – March 2016

President Nice Alterman
Vice President Ethel Araya
Secretary Fritz Elmendorf
TreasurerVirginia Wheaton
Fiscal Peter Burke
Vocal 1Marco Johanning
Vocal 3Anne Michel

Nice Alterman • President

Nice first came to Nosara in 1991 and fell in love with it. The incredible nature and wonderful people made Nosara a special place. A place worth protecting.

She kept coming every year and moved here permanently in 2011. As president, her main job is to strengthen the organization, to make sure that the NCA is not the “best kept secret” in town and to expand the membership, so everyone can have a voice in how our community can develop in a sustainable way.


Ethel “Kuki” Araya • Vice President

Kuki moved from San José, the capital of Costa Rica to Nosara in November 2010 to work at the Harmony Hotel, where she still works as the Philanthropy and Community Relations manager.

From her arrival she has been getting involved in different organized groups including Nosara Sostenible and the Recycling Association and for two years now, she has been part of the Board of the Nosara Civic Association.


Fritz Elmendorf • Secretary

Fritz joined the NCA fifteen years ago when he bought a lot. During that time, the NCA newsletter was his only connection to Nosara.

But since moving here full-time eight years ago, he has made a priority of being actively involved in the community, serving different roles through the years with the hope of creating a sustainable, livable community that he can always be proud to be a part of.


Virginia Wheaton • Treasurer

Virginia first discovered Nosara with her husband while living and working in Nicaragua in the late 1990s.

Drawn to the gorgeous, unspoiled beaches and to the people who shared the love of them, she bought a house in 1999 and, after many years of terrific Nosara vacations, moved here full time in May 2014.

Virginia is pleased to be part of the NCA board as we launch Model Nosara, a comprehensive initiative to involve government, public-private partnerships, and other local communities in solving long-term problems such as local job creation, environmental protection, crime, land titles, and public health measures such as dust suppression.


Peter Burke • Fiscal

Peter came to Nosara twenty-one years ago, fell so in love with it, that he bought a lot where his house now sits and built a house over the next two years.

Peter and his wife Faith, have been early supporters of the NCA, and still are.

As Fiscal for the NCA for the past seven years, Peter’s goal for the future is to get more residents involved, not just financially, but physically.


Marco Johanning • Vocal 1

Marco was born and raised in San Ramón de Tres Ríos, in the mountains by San Jose, on the East side of the Central Valley. Surfing brought him to Playa Guiones for the first time during the green season in 1998. Back then, the adventure involved crossing 6 or 7 rivers or creeks as there were no bridges and required a lot of patience – with your car likely to get stuck or simply just having to wait several hours for the tides to go down enough to be able to cross back and forth.

After over ten years of living and being involved in Nosara, Marco is a proud member and part of the new generation of the NCA. His motivation is to be able to help the community reach further levels of sustainable development so it can be a model town in Costa Rica and the world, and also be enjoyed, cared for and appreciated by many more generations to come.


Anne Michel • Vocal 3

Anne was raised in the Congo and lived several years in the U.S. For many years she lived in Hawaii. When she first came to Nosara, she fell in love with the beauty of the nature as well as the warm heartedness of the Ticos. Four years ago, she and her husband moved here permanently.

She joined the NCA to support the organization that has strived to keep Nosara a sustainable community respecting the people, the land, and the wildlife that makes Nosara such a special place.


Bobbi Johnson • President Emerita

Bobbi arrived in Nosara in 1989, coming here on vacation and looking at properties. She ended up buying a house, currently Giardino Tropicale, with her husband. it came with a pickup truck, of which there were very few at that time!

She joined the NCA without knowing anyone involved in it or anything about, At the time the annual membership was $720/yr, which included water fees and guards that came around on horseback every night.

She first joined the board in 1994 and continued serving for the next 20 years. During her terms one of the major accomplishments of the NCA was to prevent a 250 unit hotel from being built on north Guiones. It was a long battle, but one that was won.

Bobbi’s commitment to the NCA is admirable and that is why we are honored to have her as President Emerita of our organization.