At its core, the NCA exists to preserve and enhance the environment for all local residents over the long term. In order to sustain community and environmental projects, NCA needs your financial support.

Please generously support our efforts!

Your support, financially through dues or donation as well as through volunteer opportunities, helps in a variety of ways:

  • Contributes to the preservation of the beaches.
  • Contributes to the preservation of the park lands.
  • Provides a legal fund to support environmental causes and inhibit improper development of beaches and wetlands
  • Provides humanitarian support in times of natural disaster.
  • Provides a fund for community organizations and services.

Ready to contribute? See options below.



Donate via bank transfer to NCA’s acccount:

Banco Nacional
Asociacion Civica de Nosara
Asociacion Civica de Nosara
Cedula # 3-002-056509

Please confirm your donation by sending an email to indicating your name, email and exact amount of donation.


Donations with Friends of Nosara

To pay online go to Friends of Nosara web page


Make a check payable to Friends of Nosara. In the memo line or in an accompanying note, write Nosara Civic Association, and mail it to:

Friends of Nosara
1780 Timaru Court
Reno, NV 89523

Save your cancelled check as evidence of your tax deductible gift. Friends of Nosara will send a tax receipt for all gifts of $250 or more but for gifts of less than $250 the IRS will accept these other documents as acceptable support for your claim of a charitable deduction.

Donations with Amigos of Costa Rica

Please make checks payable to: Amigos of Costa Rica and, in the subject line or on a separate note, indicate GCF (as for Guanacaste Community Fund)/Nosara Civic Association

Mail the check to:

Amigos of Costa Rica
1250 24th Street, NW, Suite 300
Washington, D.C. 20037

A thank you note/receipt will be mailed to the address specified on your check or on the note.


Via wire transfer
Account number: 66788765
Routing number: 254070116
Swift code (if necessary): CITIUS33

Please send a note to Maria Antonieta Rodil, Director of Amigos of Costa Rica, at, indicating your name, street address, email, exact amount of donation, and that this contribution is intended for the Guanacaste Community Fund (or GCF), for the benefit of the Nosara Civic Association, so it can be properly assigned and a thank you note/receipt can be mailed to you.

If you have any questions related to donations from the U.S., please feel free to contact Maria A. Rodil at (202)957-7148 or

Thank you!