You can now walk, run, bike or ride your horse from the town of Nosara to Esperanza on trails that bring you closer to nature and keep you off Route 160’s traffic and dust.

The Senderos de Nosara (Nosara Civic Trail System) combines quiet neighborhood roads and nature trails into an 18-km network that passes through the Playas de Nosara, NCA parklands and the Guiones and Pelada sectors of the Ostional Wildlife Refuge. The varied terrain means that you may find yourself on sandy single-track beach trails with an ocean view or in the jungle dodging exposed tree roots and hopping across small creeks and past mangroves. Many stretches invite you to slow down and enjoy the beauty of Nosara as you walk.

Escuelita de Esperanza students on a hike

Hikers, bikers, and horseback riders welcome

The trail is blocked to motorized vehicles, but you can ride your bicycle. You’ll probably prefer a mountain bike — remember those tree roots, creeks, and hills. And you might find it better to dismount in uneven terrains to prevent a fall. Right now you’re in luck — riding is easier during the dry season. You can also ride a horse along most of the trails.

The trail system has been in the works for many years, and thanks to the hard work of many people including the NCA Trails Committee, it’s finally become a reality. Some trail segments are already well worn. Several of the existing trails were created by horseback riders. The longest trail so far is Marcel Schaerer´s Bio Park, a beautiful 2.5 km jungle path. Architect Malone Matson worked with NCA’s Trails Committee to create the map on this page as well as designing the signs for the trails.

Space for contemplation as well as exercise

Want to see the trails first-hand? Every Sunday morning, Marco Johanning explores another section. Beginning around 7:30 am, he sets out at an easy pace on a walk that takes a couple of hours and covers about 2 km. Contact Marco at to find out where to meet.

A variety of terrain and vegetation