The NCA was formed in 1975 by foreign residents of Playas de Nosara, who came to the area looking for a place to enjoy and live.

Between 1969 and 1972 American developer, Alan Hutchinson purchased three fincas of pasture land totaling 1,110 hectares (2,718 acres) in Nosara, a small farming and cattle-raising community. Hutchinson subdivided the land into 700 building sites with ocean or mountain views. He planned to offer forest preserves, parks, commercial zones, a sports center, tennis courts, and a golf course.

When Hutchinson left without fulfilling his agreement to provide amenities, the residents got together, forming the NCA so that they could protect the environment and provide services and utilities to the residents

The purposes of the Association are to promote the utmost material and intellectual growth of all the inhabitants of the area known as “Playas de Nosara”, without distinction; to promote the region’s progress without interference with the local culture of its prior inhabitants or the scenic beauties. It shall furthermore watch over the protection and conservation of the region’s flora and fauna, striving to maintain the natural ecological balance. It shall be responsible for the organization and operation of any services or utilities necessary to fulfill the above aims.

NCA Bylaws, 1975


Over the last 40 years, NCA has accomplished much to benefit the original community, as well as newer residents. Here are some of the many things we have done:

  • Installed the water system for Playas de Nosara, now run by the ASADA
  • Provided electricity for Playas de Nosara and the town of Nosara through generators
  • Facilitated the signing of a contract with ICE (the government provider of electricity) to provide these services 24 hours a day
  • Dedicated over 100 hectares of land for protection and for enjoyment by the inhabitants. This area is currently referred to as the parklands
  • Began reforesting Playa Guiones.
  • Assisted in opening the airport, post office, police station, ICE office and telegraph office.
  • Donated beach front property to extend the Ostional Wildlife Refuge to include Playas Pelada and Guiones
  • Participated in the first International Coastal Cleanup (initiated by an NCA member) and all subsequent cleanups
  • Donated $30,000 to Cruz Roja for a new ambulance
  • Donated the land for the dump
  • Donated land for the recycling center
  • Helped to create the high school in town
  • Donated firefighting equipment to our local bomberos (firefighters)
  • Donated $50,000 to the library
  • Donated $50,000 to Nosara Animal Care
  • Donated $40,000 to Sibu Sanctuary
  • Donated $55,000 to the town of Esperanza to purchase land
  • Donated $100,000 to the Nosara town association to purchase land

Today, we continue to support local organizations and work to protect our fragile local environment from over-development and other threats.