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Local Government Elections Results for Nicoya Explained

On February 2, Costa Ricans nationwide elected 6138 candidates including mayors, vice mayors, councilors and syndics to represent them until 2024. This included the Canton of Nicoya presiding over Nosara. So what do these municipal positions mean, how do they operate, who was voted in, and what does that mean [...]

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From Natural Disaster to Nature Reserve – The Nosara Civic Association Unveils Ambitious Plans for the Nosara Dump

Mount Trashmore in Virginia, Fresh Kills Park in Staten Island, Balloon Fiesta Park in Albuquerque and many more. These public parks offer things like skating, running and cycling tracks, workout areas, environmental protection zones and other areas designed for visitors to enjoy. Although these public spaces differ in terms of [...]

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Why Nosara has the chance to avoid becoming another Paradise Lost

Mordecai Gerstein In 1973, Graeme Dunstan, an Australian political activist, and Vernon Treweeke, a psychedelic artist met with friends to plan a huge ten-day party. The Name: The Aquarius festival of Alternative Lifestyles. The Mission Statement: a celebration of alternative thinking, new age beliefs, and sustainable lifestyles. The location: the [...]

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