Good news: the trees planted by BarriGuiones came through a trial by flood during tropical storm Nate. Very very few trees were downed or had broken limbs. However, the sea-salt-laden wind had an effect, so that many trees are now losing substantial amounts of leaves.

Since ending its planting campaign at the beginning of August, Barriguiones has been concentrating on continuous maintenance of the trees: monitoring, chopping, pruning, fertilizing, and spreading organic mulch around the trees planted this year.

In 2017, BarriGuiones has planted more than 5,000 trees with the help of the 8 local schools and more than 500 volunteers. In addition, they organized and carried out a cleanup of the beach at the mouth of the Rio Rempujo. They collected about 400 kg of plastic and other inorganic waste.

Now they will continue with maintenance tasks, reseeding to replace dead trees and preparing a system of irrigation for the coming months.