We invite you to join us and become a part of Nosara’s 40+year tradition of community involvement and working towards a sustainable future. Your membership dues go to:

  • Maintaining the more than 240 hectares of parkland owned by NCA and permanently protected from development (click here for a map of the parklands).
  • Building our legal fund, which advances environmental causes and deters encroachment on beaches and wetlands.
  • Maintaining and improving our trail systems, running through the Guiones and Pelada parklands (for a map of the Nosara trails, go to nosaracivicassociation.com/trails)
  • Paying for technical studies of zoning and planning for sustainable development.
  • Making your voice heard in preserving our environment and way of life.
  • Keeping you up to date on issues facing our community.

As a membership organization we count on dues and donations to sustain our operating budget.

Please join us!



If you cannot become a member, we still encourage you to support our work with a donation. Even small amounts will go along way to help us achieve our goals. Click here to donate.