Members of the NCA are the stewards of Nosara’s uniqueness. Together, we support an agenda that since 1975 has worked towards building a community that values the wellbeing of ALL living things.

We invite everyone who loves and cares about Nosara, to become a member of the Nosara Civic Association and support our programs of biodiversity conservation, scientific research, citizen empowerment, mobility, and government advocacy.

Your membership dues go to:

  • Maintaining the more than 240 hectares of parkland owned by NCA and permanently protected from development.
  • Finance the technical closure of the Nosara garbage dump, a space with which we dream of turning it into a community park.
  • Building our legal fund, which advances environmental causes and deters encroachment on beaches and wetlands.
  • Maintaining and improving our trail systems, running through the Guiones and Pelada parklands (for a map of the Nosara trails, go to
  • Paying for technical studies of zoning and planning for sustainable development.
  • Making your voice heard in preserving our environment and way of life.
  • Keeping you up to date on issues facing our community.

As a membership organization, we count on dues and donations to sustain our operating budget.

Please join us!



If you cannot become a member, we still encourage you to support our work with a donation. Even small amounts will go along way to help us achieve our goals. Click here to donate.

All members are invited to become part of the governance of the association by requesting to be considered as associates of the NCA. Associates are expected to participate in the general and extraordinary assembly, as well as the volunteer working committees.

Associates vote to approve the yearly work plan, budget, and reports. Candidates for positions on the Board of Directors must be associates.

People interested in becoming associates must send a letter to NCA board ( sharing their intention of why they want to be an associate of the organization and must be approved by the board of directors.