Friends and Amigos, Helping Give Back to Nosara

After tropical storm Nate, we saw how generous Nosara residents were with donations of food, clothing, household furnishings, and other necessities for those displaced by flooding. In addition, people who aren’t here right now asked where to donate money. In past years, the answer would have been “Friends of Nosara,” [...]

November 8, 2017|Featured|

NCA’s New Digital Trail Map

NCA recently released a new version of our website. Today, you'll find a new feature: our interactive trails map. You can find it here: The map features trails, of course. We have named two of them and are in the process of naming others. We'll keep updating the names [...]

November 6, 2017|Uncategorized|

BarriGuiones Trees Survived Nate

Good news: the trees planted by BarriGuiones came through a trial by flood during tropical storm Nate. Very very few trees were downed or had broken limbs. However, the sea-salt-laden wind had an effect, so that many trees are now losing substantial amounts of leaves. Since ending its planting campaign [...]

November 1, 2017|Life’s a Beach|

What do all those acronyms mean?

You may have seen references to various plans, commissions, councils, and other bodies in Costa Rican media, including our Facebook posts. Here’s a guide to the plans and the acronyms used to describe them. PGM: Plan General de Manejo (General Management Plan), a document containing general guidelines for management of [...]

October 25, 2017|Featured|

A Sustainable Jungle Gym for Grownups

On your way to the beach through K section, you may see a sign just beyond Harbor Reef saying “Enchanted Forest.” Curious, you follow a short path until you reach a gate with the same sign and a painted finger pointing to “Doorbell.” Ring the doorbell and you’ll be greeted [...]

October 4, 2017|Keeping Nosara Green|