Feeding the Neediest Among Us

Nosara is unique, according to Steve Mack of the Guanacaste Community Fund, in the number of local organizations that have come into existence to make ours a good place to live for everyone. This month we highlight two of those organizations and the woman behind them, Linda Tarlow. Shortly after [...]

September 20, 2017|Featured|

Welcoming Dalman López to Nosara Recycles

Only 20 percent of the garbage that arrives at Nosara´s dump belongs in a landfill. Half is organic waste, which should be composted at home. Another 30 percent is recyclable material, and on that front the Nosara Recycling Association has been making major inroads. The association’s efforts took a major [...]

August 23, 2017|Talking Trash|

Gates of Entry, Aerial Highways, and More

Our trails are muddier in the rainy season, but that doesn`t keep people from using and improving them. The Nosara Trails Committee has begun installing barrier gates on trail entrances. Stretching across the entrances at a height of about 18 inches, these barriers are designed to allow pedestrians, bicyclists, and [...]

August 22, 2017|Happy Trails to You|