In this 2021 we dared to dream. As part of our Mobility program, we added a project that we believe can highlight Nosara and that invites us all to work together as a community.

It’s called Calle Modelo: a pilot project that seeks to work with all the partners in order to intervene on one particular road; this will serve as a model for others. A street that prioritizes pedestrians, respects the culture of the place and does not put the fauna that surrounds it at risk, with the end result being to improve the quality of life for all of us who live in Nosara.This should also provide visitors a much better experience as well.

To start this pilot program, we chose the street that leads to the main entrance of Playa Guiones – from Café de Paris to the beach. We chose this street for several reasons. Historically, it has been the first access point to Guiones beach, two of our most used trails adjoin that street (extending mobility) and because it is the street with the fewest owners – which facilitates coordination. Our dream is for this project to be so successful that we can replicate the formula little by little with the rest of the streets in Guiones, Pelada and Nosara.


In the quest to promote the representation of different actors, citizen participation and respect for the existing nature, we allied ourselves with the architectural firm Gensler. From the beginning they have offered their services, pro bono,to facilitate this process. For several months they have been helping us to include all the necessary voices, as well as leading the work sessions for Calle Modelo.

Gensler is an architecture, design, planning and strategic consulting firm that aims to transform cities into more resilient and inclusive spaces. Gensler has worked in Latin America for more than 20 years, designing projects of all scales in more than 12 countries.


What Has Been The Process So Far?

Before thinking about what is best for a street, we wanted to listen to the neighbors and the people who visit us. Together with Gensler we conducted 75 face-to-face surveys of street users; we also did activities, where people could write or draw on blackboards, all the ideas that they believed could help to design a better space.

According to the results, users expressed a common desire to preserve the natural look and essence of the street. They associated it with the authenticity that is part of the identity of the community. The respondents identified the need to improve water management, as well as signage, as priorities (If you want to know all the results, click here).

On October 22nd, taking into account the voices of the community, we brought together the owners of property that surround the street, officials of the Municipality of Nicoya and representatives of the Asada de Playas de Nosara and ICE. (The representatives of the Ostional Refuge were also invited, but could not attend).

Thanks to the facilitation of Gensler, the owners expressed many of the concerns that they face every day with the street and ideas on how to improve the public space. The Municipality explained the budget reality and the challenges of the street, and the rest of attendees provided suggestions. Thanks to the participation of ICE, the possibility of having underground wiring for that street was addressed.



What Comes Next?

Although this is just the beginning, it is an unprecedented event in our community. After these sessions at the end of November,  the Gensler company will return with a conceptualization of the proposed design for the street, based on the opinions of all the people who have made this project possible.

For now, the Municipality has already approved 70 million colones in the 2022 budget to be allocated to this project. We will have to meet again with the residents of that street, to see how much they can contribute financially. We believe that the success of this project is a synergy that arises between the public and private sectors.

Calle Modelo is a project that is part of our “Mobility” program. During 2021, the NCA has wanted to focus on five programs: Scientific Research, Government Support, Biodiversity Conservation, Citizen Empowerment and Mobility.

This project is another reason we encourage you to become part of the Nosara Civic Association family – either with financial aid or with professional help. The NCA is committed to continue working to turn Nosara into a model community that benefits the well-being of everyone who lives here.