Cicadas, the forest’s choir

By Felipe López Have you ever wondered who makes that unusually loud buzzing noise you hear every day? A lot more often heard than seen, male cicadas serenade Nosara from nearby forests with their strangely romantic song that female cicadas find irresistible. Males sing by flexing their tymbals, which are [...]

May 15, 2017|Featured|

Costa Rica’s Solid Waste Management

This week's Guest Blog, by Jessica Sheffield of Nosara Recicla, first appeared in the Foro section of La Nacion on February 22. As Jessica points out, problems with trash management are not limited to Nosara! Costa Rica is known worldwide as a country that is "essentially natural" and "without artificial [...]

March 31, 2017|Featured|

How the Green Zones Nosara project came about

Jenny Kendler, Harmony Artist in Residence, created Green Zones Nosara as a community-sourced photography project that began this month. She describes below how she came up with the idea. "I visited Nosara for the first time in July 2015, to begin to get a sense of the special nature of [...]

February 22, 2017|Featured|

Playas Guiones and Pelada in Danger

Playas Guiones and Pelada are the heart of our community, where we enjoy walking, running, surfing, volleyball, or simply contemplating the sunset on our pristine beaches any day of the week. But the new Ostional Law contains measures that could bring irreparable damage. Below, read what we're proposing to the [...]

September 26, 2016|Featured|

Kitson Library: Beyond Books!

Twenty years ago this month, the Kitson Memorial Library got its start in one room of the Serapio Lopez school. Last year, housed in its own quarters, the library opened its doors 15,000 times to Nosareños. Begun with students as its primary audience, the library has produced many “graduates” who [...]

August 26, 2016|Featured|