Water, Water Everywhere?

A new study gets us closer to an answer Thanks to a recent hydrogeological study, Nosara has maps and other vital information on the water available. What we know so far is troubling but not irreversible. The study gathered and evaluated information already available about water supply in Nosara and [...]

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Giving Back to Nosara, Part 2

Amigos de Costa Rica, the Guanacaste Fund, and Steve Mack Nosara residents are justly known for their generosity, making donations to organizations that alleviate local poverty, support education, protect wildlife, beaches, and parklands, promote recycling, and fund other causes as the need arises. Last week’s blog featured Friends of Nosara, [...]

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Friends and Amigos, Helping Give Back to Nosara

After tropical storm Nate, we saw how generous Nosara residents were with donations of food, clothing, household furnishings, and other necessities for those displaced by flooding. In addition, people who aren’t here right now asked where to donate money. In past years, the answer would have been “Friends of Nosara,” [...]

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