Playas Guiones and Pelada in Danger

Playas Guiones and Pelada are the heart of our community, where we enjoy walking, running, surfing, volleyball, or simply contemplating the sunset on our pristine beaches any day of the week. But the new Ostional Law contains measures that could bring irreparable damage. Below, read what we're proposing to the [...]

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Kitson Library: Beyond Books!

Twenty years ago this month, the Kitson Memorial Library got its start in one room of the Serapio Lopez school. Last year, housed in its own quarters, the library opened its doors 15,000 times to Nosareños. Begun with students as its primary audience, the library has produced many “graduates” who [...]

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Surfing Legend Ramon Navarro Visits Nosara

On July 2, Ramón Navarro paid a visit to Guiones for a screening of “Son of a Fisherman,” a stunningly filmed 30-minute documentary video about his life and work. “In addition to being one of the world’s most accomplished big-wave surfers, Navarro is a great proponent of and fighter for [...]

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Integrated Water Resource Management

In commemoration of Earth Day, and in light of one of the issues that touch us most profoundly in Nosara, NCA invited environmental advocate and lawyer María Fernanda Vargas González to share her thoughts about water resource management. As an exceptionally dry season ends, you may have heard of Integrated [...]

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