Keeping Nosara Green

Ostional Refuge at Risk!

Once again, the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge could be unprotected and at risk. Next Tuesday June 1st, the Contentious Administrative Court will decide whether to maintain or suspend the construction regulations that were created for the protection of sea turtles. . In March 2021, the Administrative Litigation had already rejected [...]

2021-05-28T11:27:53-06:00May 28, 2021|Keeping Nosara Green|

The magic of Nosara is no accident Surely you are reading this newsletter because you either were born in Nosara, live in Nosara or because you have decided to spend some days or months of the year in this wonderful place that captures us all with its magic. (And that each year continues to attract [...]

2021-05-13T22:20:21-06:00May 13, 2021|Keeping Nosara Green|