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Let there be (less) light

TortuGuiones needs your help! You may have seen a recent report naming Nosara the fastest growing surf town in the world Did you know that the study based its rankings on light visible in satellite imagery? This fact is extremely concerning for turtles and other nocturnal wildlife, and it [...]

2018-03-28T18:22:14-06:00March 28, 2018|Life’s a Beach|

BarriGuiones Trees Survived Nate

Good news: the trees planted by BarriGuiones came through a trial by flood during tropical storm Nate. Very very few trees were downed or had broken limbs. However, the sea-salt-laden wind had an effect, so that many trees are now losing substantial amounts of leaves. Since ending its planting campaign [...]

2017-11-02T14:32:41-06:00November 1, 2017|Life’s a Beach|