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From Natural Disaster to Nature Reserve – The Nosara Civic Association Unveils Ambitious Plans for the Nosara Dump

Mount Trashmore in Virginia, Fresh Kills Park in Staten Island, Balloon Fiesta Park in Albuquerque and many more. These public parks offer things like skating, running and cycling tracks, workout areas, environmental protection zones and other areas designed for visitors to enjoy. Although these public spaces differ in terms of [...]

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Welcoming Dalman López to Nosara Recycles

Only 20 percent of the garbage that arrives at Nosara´s dump belongs in a landfill. Half is organic waste, which should be composted at home. Another 30 percent is recyclable material, and on that front the Nosara Recycling Association has been making major inroads. The association’s efforts took a major [...]

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Adiós plástico

There´s good news about recyclables this month. In June the Recycling Center collected enough recyclables to fill an 18-wheel transport truck three times. In addition, Jessica Sheffield writes, ¨The Center will also have a boost with our partnership with Dalman Lopez Espinoza. He has more than 20 years experience in [...]

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Nosara Recicla Records Another Sale

The rains have brought lushness and beauty to our hillsides again, but our trash-glutted landfill remains an eyesore. Fortunately, recycling continues to grow as a counterforce and to pay off for Nosara. On June 9 a truck left the Nosara Recycling Center loaded with 662 kilos of recycled aluminum and [...]

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