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Nosara Recicla Records Another Sale

The rains have brought lushness and beauty to our hillsides again, but our trash-glutted landfill remains an eyesore. Fortunately, recycling continues to grow as a counterforce and to pay off for Nosara. On June 9 a truck left the Nosara Recycling Center loaded with 662 kilos of recycled aluminum and [...]

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Putting Trash in its Place

The good news: Nosara Recicla sold 4,130 kilos of plastic and 1,102 of aluminum to Florida Bebidas in April. The bad news: At this week's Guiones Beach cleanup, Bobbi Johnson put bags at each entrance with a sign saying "Take Bag, Clean Beach." When she returned to collect them at [...]

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Plastic: Think Globally, Act Locally

With the ever-mounting concern about plastic proliferation on our landscapes, in our oceans, and in our landfills, we asked local businesses to tell us what steps they’re taking to promote a sustainable Nosara. We got the following responses to our Facebook post of March 6. Some rental agents put five-gallon [...]

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Let’s Conquer the Landfill! We Need Your Help!

Last month’s blog, with its aerial photo of Nosara’s landfill, elicited a big response. The Recycling Association is getting off to a fresh start in 2017 by cleaning up the Recycling Center. An 18-wheel rig was scheduled to pick up recycled cardboard, plastic, and aluminum this week. As a separate [...]

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Landfill Looms Large in 2017

It's the time of year when the dump fills beyond capacity, as shown in the recent aerial photograph by Graham Swindell. Why is the dump overflowing again? Briefly, the garbage is mounting because there's simply no place for it to go. Last year's "Clean up the Dump" campaign was stopped [...]

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