Talking Trash

Cleaning Up Nosara

The recent heavy rains have deposited streams of plastic, glass, and other trash on our shores and roads. Let’s help get rid of this unsightly mess – there are two opportunities to join in a community effort this Saturday. On the beach, you can take part in the worldwide Coastal [...]

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Talkin’ Trash at the Legislative Assembly

Did you know that Costa Rica could soon ban the use of expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam)? Here’s your chance to support that effort with a few clicks by signing our petition to the Assembly supporting this amendment. Click here: "no styrofoam" amendment. Here’s the background: The legislature is considering an amendment [...]

2017-08-09T21:37:48+00:00August 19, 2016|Talking Trash|

Talkin’ Trash around the World

This month we’re expanding our coverage beyond the Nosara landfill to include news of how other places are coping with trash. The annual International Coastal Cleanup will be held Saturday, September 17. Last year 800,000 volunteers worldwide collected more that 18 million pounds of trash during the cleanup. In Costa [...]

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