Those Were the Days

Golden Memories of a Gilded Place

With the recent closing for renovations of one of Nosara’s iconic hangouts, we asked Patty Yaniz for her recollections of its glory days. The Gilded Iguana opened in the mid-1980s under the ownership of Richard Buford, around the time that Patty and Chiqui came to Nosara on their honeymoon. Like [...]

2020-05-11T14:42:20-06:00December 23, 2016|Those Were the Days|

Being Thankful in Nosara

In this week when estadounidenses celebrate Thanksgiving, we are grateful for some of the things that have made life easier in the Nosara area in this century. Here is what life was like in the year 2000. As we've noted in previous blogs, getting here was even more of an [...]

2020-05-11T14:45:09-06:00November 25, 2016|Those Were the Days|

Ceviche and More

Llegar al lindo pueblito de Nosara Y no comerse un ceviche donde Arepa Parece una cosa rara Ya esta que el mundo lo sepa. Translation: To arrive at the pretty little town of Nosara And fail to eat ceviche at Arepa’s Strikes one as odd Because it’s known around the [...]

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Antonio Méndez, Unsung Hero

Antonio Méndez remembers his early days in Nosara with fondness. In 1989, when he arrived from San Ramon, “Everyone knew everyone else by name. Most of the extranjeros here had come to retire. Ticos and gringos worked and socialized together.” Méndez began his business in Nosara by transporting and selling [...]

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