It is enough to open the social networks to realize the frustration of the majority of the residents of Nosara, as a result of the decision made by the Administrative Contentious Court to suspend the application of the construction regulations.

Faced with this decision,  the Nosara Civic Association was happy to see how the community felt empowered and decided to organize a march this Saturday June 5th starting at Café de Paris, at 8 a.m., to defend the regulations that protect the natural heritage of the Refuge Ostional.

Given this unexpected event,  the NCA decided to cancel the inauguration of the new trail located next to Gabi’s. The trail will be named after Bobbi Johnson, in honor of her years of hard environmental work. We prefer to wait to find a more suitable moment in which we can give all the attention this new trail deserves  and not discourage the neighbors who are organizing the march. We still do not have a date to reschedule the activity, but we will be giving notice as soon as we do.

The Nosara Civic Association believes that marches serve the purpose of showing that a significant part of the population is for or against a certain policy, leader, decision or law. We believe that it is an exercise in visibility and freedom of expression.

Our union as a community must focus on the protection of the Ostional Refuge and not on personal attacks on those who do not defend it.

Today more than ever the famous phrase of Gandhi makes sense: “Violence is the fear of the ideals of the other.”

In addition to the social movement that was generated in the community, many media have approached us to understand the real situation. El Semanario Universidad and La Voz de Guanacaste are some of the media that have published on the Court’s resolution; however, there will be more press appearances in the coming days.

Also the National Association of Tourism students of Costa Rica and the Ecologist Federation, among other organizations, are joining in supporting the regulation.

It is important to emphasize that although the litigation suspended the regulations, this is until the merits of the legal process are resolved;  the case has not yet been closed. This could take up to one more year.

We  invite you to join the #YoDefiendoOstional cause, in a peaceful environment where love for the protection of nature in Costa Rica prevails.