At the Asociación Cívica de Nosara we want to support the community so that we can together get out of the economic mess that the pandemic leaves us in. Thanks to an alliance we made with Paradise Medical Services and Laboratorio Echandi, we will have free tests for some of the residents of Nosara.

 Two different types of tests will be available: 300 free blood tests for monoclonal antibodies –  which determine if the person previously had or has Covid-19 and 100 free PCR tests, known as the swab, which determines if there is an active coronavirus infection.

All tests will be analyzed by the Echandi laboratory and will be sent to the Ministry of Health, safeguarding the confidential information of patients.

The testing will take place on December 11th and 12th at the Nosara Rodeo.

 How to reserve a space for the test?

If you live in Nosara, regardless of whether you are a Costa Rican or a foreigner, and if you work in a company or business related to tourism, we invite you to fill out the form that is in this link.

In the questionnaire you will only have to provide your personal data and sign a document in which you agree that the laboratory will analyze your information and transfer it to the Ministry of Health. The data will be used only for analysis; it will not be published on any platform.

In advance, we ask that if there are several stakeholders that are part of the same bubble, choose only one, since we want to make the most of the tests.

December 7th will be the last day to complete the form. After that date, Laboratorio Echandi will be communicating with the people who left the data, to confirm the time and date of the test.

The NCA will also reserve places for hotel and restaurant employees, with the aim of positioning the community as a safe place to vacation.

According to the latest report from the Ministry of Health, as of December 2nd, the district of Nosara registered 37 active cases of Covid-19.