Our trails are muddier in the rainy season, but that doesn`t keep people from using and improving them.

  • The Nosara Trails Committee has begun installing barrier gates on trail entrances. Stretching across the entrances at a height of about 18 inches, these barriers are designed to allow pedestrians, bicyclists, and horses to pass through but to dissuade motorized vehicles like motos and quads from entering. Such vehicles damage the trails and disturb the silence of our trail system, a peaceful and lovely alternative to the busy roads and highway.

  • A few yards beyond the trail entrance that runs between Pacifico Azul and Nomadic Hotel, someone has placed logs and planks over the muddiest section. We thank whoever came up with this helpful temporary solution. The logs are mossy and therefore slippery, however, so watch out!
  • Congratulations to Stop the Shocks on its fifth annual race July 30, organized by students of HomeSchool Beach Nosara. A total of 65 people participated, raising more than $1,000 for the cause. The course included two segments of Nosara Trails, the Nomadic-Wanderlust segment and the Robin’s-Yoga Institute segment. “The trails were so much safer this year. Thank you so much for your efforts in maintaining them,” said Paige Wilson. “Many participants commented to me after the race how beautiful it was to run on the trails. One student runs them with her grandma now.”
  • We are not sponsoring regular trail cleanups until the puddles, mud, and mosquitos subside. we’ll let you know when the cleanups resume. In the meantime, use the trails, but cautiously.
  • As we reported in our June edition of Happy Trails, our aerial counterpart, Wildlife Crossings, is working with MOPT and ICE to prevent loss of habitat for arboreal wildlife as trees are felled in preparation for paving the road. In July the Committee to Pave Route 160 reported that 16 aerial routes for wildlife (Paseos Aéreos) had been marked between Garza and Nosara. ICE is installing the ropes, donated by MOPT. On August 7, the first of many bridges was installed. Eventually, these bridges will run along the entire length of the new construction to give wildlife a safe crossing along this new highway.