Do you love the natural environment ? Do you love seeing animal and plant habitats preserved ? Do you love the idea of reforestation, animal rehabilitation, sustainable development, regulated construction, and more ideas aimed at preserving the place you know and love ? Do you wish you could do more but don’t have the time? Well, fortunately for you, the NCA exists to help address all these things. If you are not already a member, here’s some reasons why you should consider becoming one.

We think globally but act locally

The first purpose of the Nosara Civic Association is to make this world a better place, and that starts right here. If the NCA could wave a magic wand and suddenly extract all the plastic from our oceans, or rejuvenate the Amazon, or remove all the co2 in the air, then we would. But obviously we can’t. But what we can do is address those challenges on our own doorstep. The simple act of becoming a member means you too are doing your bit to help preserve, even restore the oxygen giving forest habitat that the world needs, albeit on a much larger scale.

We understand that Nosara is different, and aim to keep it that way by informing people

Nowadays, more and more first time visitors arrive thinking “wow, this coastline is pristine.” Unfortunately, just like questions about who organizes the trash, or maintains the trails systems, or who pushes for sustainable development, many first time visitors know next to nothing about how our coastline remains in such good condition. This was no accident. And sure, it was the NCA who campaigned to have the refuge extended to include Playa Guiones and Playa Pelada, so yes, the NCA is directly responsible for the sentiments echoed by first time visitors stunned by the coastline’s natural rugged beauty. It is not the NCA’s wish to dwell on past glories. However, it’s essential that people understand how and why our surroundings are the way they are. We do this by politely trying to educate all those willing to listen, in the hope that they too can understand just how precious, and fragile, the treasure on their doorstep actually is. Joining the NCA, or donating to our organization is not a business transaction. It is a connection with the local human inhabitants and the natural world they exist in.

We work with different agencies for maximum impact

  • BarriGuiones:     Tree Planting and coastal preservation.
  • TORTUguiones: Turtle research and conservation.
  • CIMACO: Ostional Wildlife Refuge management.
  • Nosara Food Bank: Givers of food, household supplies, and personal care items to those who can’t afford it.
  • Nosara Recicla: Responsible for reducing the waste stream entering our landfill by separating out recyclables.
  • Biological Corridor: Serving to protect     the Rio Nosara watershed, by coordinating community efforts in environmental education, reforestation, sustainable agriculture, and support to ASADAs (local water systems).

The above list represents just some of the agencies that the NCA coordinates with, and provides administrative and financial support to. By joining the NCA, you too are helping all these organizations, and more, to perform more effectively.

It’s our job to care for you, and act on your behalf.

This article began by asking “Do you love the natural environment ? Do you love seeing animal and plant habitats preserved ? Do you love the idea of reforestation, animal rehabilitation, sustainable development, and regulated construction?” Unless you are completely indifferent to the Nosara area, a true bastion of natural beauty, then of course the answer to these questions is yes. The real question is, do you care enough to do something about it?   To which the answer is also very likely “yes.”

Unfortunately however, despite best intentions, and despite what outsiders looking in on the lives of local residents may think, living in paradise can still be demanding. Just because you see the waves, hear the monkeys, and enjoy the sunlight all year round, doesn’t mean people don’t have kids to raise, or careers to attend to, or a cacophony of other things which make the idea of contributing to local environmental causes appealing,……..if only you had the time.


Joining the NCA gives you a seat at the table, and a say in the future of our incredible town in this unique corner of the planet. The NCA exists to do what others wish they could, and all you need to do to become a part of this process is sign up for membership.

In the near five decades since its formation, the NCA slogan has remained the same: to preserve the unique character of the place we all love. Our maxim is as simple as that. So join us. Become a member and become part of the community that makes this place so special.

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