We’d like to thank everybody that has signed up for the December 12th NCA trail run. We’ll have participants of all ages. However, if you haven’t signed up yet, there is still time to participate in this exciting community event.

Before mentioning what awards we have, we want to thank all the businesses in the community that have joined us in promoting this beautiful activity.  We look forward to this first annual event in which people can get to better know the amazing NCA trails, thanks to their contributions , we can raise funds to continue to  keep up our 12-kilometer trail network.

If you haven’t  yet registered for the race, you can still do so in the following link: https://www.nosaracivicassociation.com/Nosara-Somos-Todos/ The cost for Costa Ricans is $20 and for foreigners it is $35. On the day of the race you can do it too, only it will cost $5 extra.

The prizes will be for the top 3 places, for each age group, since we’ll  have both children and  adults. The age groups and their respective awards will be announced on the day of the event, to give more excitement to the competition.

Here are the list of awards:

  • 1 electric boat tour for four persons  starting from Lagarta Lodge.
  • 1 back massage for 30 min at Spa Vista Manglares at Hotel Lagarta Lodge
  • 1 dinner for 2 persons in the restaurant of the Harmony Hotel.
  • 1 registration for the entire 2 week summer camp at the Nosara Playhouse Camp. Value $400!
  • 4 day passes worth f$20 each to consume at Selina.
  • 1 Canopy tour for 4 persons in Miss Sky Canopy.
  • 3 $25 gift cards at Lobo.
  • 1 $50 gift card for Olo Alaia.
  • 1 Circo Box for 2 people at El Circo.
  • 1-hour massage at the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort spa.
  • 1 $50 gift card for La Luna.
  • 1 $50 gift card for Coyol.
  • 1 pedicure at the Beauty Bar.
  • 1 breakfast for 2 people at the Manglar de Olas Verdes restaurant.
  • 1 horse riding tour for 2with Toro Brava Tour

We also want to thank Tinypixelweb.com/ who helped us create the registration form, as well as Harmony and Beach Blend Coffee who donated the snacks for the end of the race. We’d also like to thank  Blue Zone Brewery that will be offering drinks at the ceremony and to Olo Alaia and Selina who will be  helping us with volunteers for the event. We want to thank Jaii Hen for helping us with the sound system.

Finally, we also thank the Volunteer Firefighters of Nosara, who will be accompanying us, in case of an emergency.

We are excited about this great start to the first annual edition of this race that we want to grow as a yearly tradition. We are also very excited to see how the community comes together to help us fund our mission; to build a model community that values ​​the well-being of all beings. 

Important details:

  • Check-in time: 8:30 AM
  • Meeting place: Bakers Entrance, Guiones.
  • End point: Pelada tennis courts.

We invite you to meet us at the finish line, starting at 10 am, where we will have a snack for the participants and we will award the first places. We will also make the official opening of the Bobbi Johnson Trail.

See you on Sunday!