On April 8, the Nicoya Municipal Council approved the publication of the Regulation for Constructions in the buffer zone of the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge.

Once published in the Gazette, there is a period of consultation before the regulation becomes official.

On May 21 the Municipality of Nicoya invited the community of Nosara to a meeting to present the proposed regulation, held at the David Kitson Library in Nosara.

  • See invitation here.

On May 23, the Municipal Engineer, Josue Ruiz and engineer Johanna Briceño of the Catastro Department make the first official presentation of the proposed regulation. Two sessions are held: one at 10 am in Spanish and one at 1 pm in English:

  • Watch video session in Spanish here:
  • See attendance list meeting in Spanish here.
  • See list attendance to the session in English here
  • Watch video of the session in English here:

In these sessions the technical basis of the regulation was explained, as well as the reasons why the Municipality of Nicoya considers it important to work on the regulations for the area.

During the meeting of May 23, engineer Ruiz communicated the channels by which people can make their comments to the regulation, which are:

  • Email: Josue Ruiz to the mail: planregulador@municoya.go.cr.
  • In Nosara: On Monday at the office of the Nosara Integral Development Association, located next to the Kitson Library from 8 am to 3 pm.
  • In Nicoya, from Tuesday to Friday, from 8 am to 4pm in the Engineering Office of the Municipality.

The Municipality announced that the consultation time will be extended and the final publication of the regulation will be done in mid July.

During the meeting it was agreed to have a session with people interested in giving feedback to the proposed regulation, facilitated by the Nosara Civic Association on Monday, May 27.

The meeting took place on May 27, where information and questions were collected that are taken to the municipality

On May 31, the Municipality of Nicoya announced that it will continue with the Monday open forum, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the Kitson Library, where people can ask questions and present suggestions.

See link to the invitation here.