Last month’s blog, with its aerial photo of Nosara’s landfill, elicited a big response.

The Recycling Association is getting off to a fresh start in 2017 by cleaning up the Recycling Center. An 18-wheel rig was scheduled to pick up recycled cardboard, plastic, and aluminum this week. As a separate entity from the landfill, the Recycling Center and its volunteers are exploring methods of removing the landfill trash from its entrance, since the Nicoya Municipality has indicated that the Contraloría did not approve the budget to pick up Nosara’s trash.

You can help both the Recycling Center and the overflowing landfill. Here are three ways:

Reduce the waste stream

  • Separate recyclables, clean and dry them, and put them in clear plastic bags. Set the bag out Wednesday morning or bring it to the Recycling Center yourself. For a list of what recycles:
  • Compost organic waste. The Recycling Association has tested different ways to properly dispose of organics from home. These recommendations are free and simple to implement. Dig a hole 1 meter deep by 1 meter wide. For safety, add poles around the hole when possible. Deposit your organics and cover them with an equal amount of leaves. Do not include meat, grease or dairy. This method of composting produces no odor and does not attract wild animals. Another option is to build a compost tumbler. For more information:
  • Avoid single-use items whenever possible. Take reusable shopping bags with you, use cloth napkins and dishtowels at home, and buy beverages in glass.

Look at that nicely packed truck! A big thanks to everyone who puts out their recyclables for collection!

The recycling center needs two new pieces of equipment. Can you help?

Industrial-grade scale ₡393,381 or $717.
Pallet jack ₡220,350 or $402.

Please join us! If you would like to be involved, donate, or participate in any of our events, you can contact us on and follow us on Facebook: Nosara Recicla

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The Association is supported entirely by donations and by sale of recyclables.