On February 2, Costa Ricans nationwide elected 6138 candidates including mayors, vice mayors, councilors and syndics to represent them until 2024. This included the Canton of Nicoya presiding over Nosara. So what do these municipal positions mean, how do they operate, who was voted in, and what does that mean for us?

The mayor is the legal representative of the local government and oversees the organization, operation, coordination and compliance of municipal agreements; and the authorization of expenses, all in compliance with municipal policy.

Name: Carlos Armando Martinez

Party: La Gran Nicoya

Martínez, director of the Corralillo Professional Technical College, began his political career as part of the Nicoya Coalition, a political group that was formed to support Carlos Alvarado in the last national elections.
Later, he allied with other teachers and former members of the Coalition to found La Gran Nicoya party, who promised a viable alternative to other, more established parties in the canton. Armando will formally assume his political position on May 1st, 2020

There are two vice mayor positions elected. The first vice mayor executes administrative and operational tasks assigned by the mayor and will assume mayoral duties if the mayor is absent. The second vice mayor will assume the role of vice mayor in their absence.

First vice mayor: Maria de Los Angeles Acosta Gomez
Second vice mayor: Laura Vanessa Rivera Alvarez

Council Members
The Council of Nicoya is made of 7 council members (propietarios) and 7 suplentes. Their task is to propose and submit motions, agreements or projects then subject to a vote by the council. Functions of these civil servants include defining canton policy and calculating budgets for local programs and initiatives.

The amount of council seats they are assigned is dependent on the outcome of the vote.

The syndic’s role in the Municipal Council is to monitor, care for, and defend the interests of their district. The elected Syndic for Nosara is Marco Avila, who will serve his third term as syndic for the district. Mr. Avila is also the president of the Integral Development Association of Nosara( ADIN) and owner of the Viveros Tropicales local nursery.

A significant part of the NCA’s work is community planning. Consequently, it is important we remain aware of happenings within local government and maintain relations and engagements with the municipality, particularly the movers, shakers, and power players with the political clout to get things done. It is important people understand who governs them and how important it is to vote.

Thank you to all of the people who will be serving their canton . We congratulate all the winners and participants of this election and wish them the very best of luck.