This Thursday September 16th, the Nosara Civic Association, together with Mariju Rovira, President of the Nosara Security Association, coordinated a meeting to work with the regional heads of the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ), Public Force and Tourist Police, to take forceful actions to improve security in Nosara.

According to official OIJ data, 28 homes in Nosara have been robbed so far this year; However, according to data from other local security companies, there were an additional 45 robberies in homes that did not file an official complaint.


What was achieved?

# 1 Complaints in Nosara

One of the main problems that the officers of the Public Force and OIJ have is that people do not file a complaint.This leads to a lack of data showing that more surveillance and officers are needed in Nosara. Moving forward, the Nicoya Public Force chiefs are going to initiate a process so that any person can file complaints with the Nosara Tourist Police , who will then send the information to the OIJ offices in Nicoya.

For now, this process is only allowed for tourists. If you are a foreigner, you can file a complaint with the Nosara delegation.

The Nosara Civic Association is committed to following up on this issue and will be announcing when any person, regardless of their nationality, can file a complaint in Nosara.

# 2 Training

As part of the results of the meeting, the OIJ agents pledged to return in the coming weeks to train more officers of the Tourist Police, so that all the staff is trained to receive complaints from citizens and transfer them in an appropriate manner to the Nicoya offices.

# 3 Access to cameras

In the coming weeks, the OIJ will have access to the security cameras that were installed by the Nosara Security Association. The funds for the cameras came from donations from community residents. Currently, there are 40 cameras installed in different parts of Nosara. In the coming days, 12 more will be installed at the strategic points recommended by the OIJ. Thanks to this agreement, the OIJ will have immediate access to the Nosara cameras in the event of an emergency due to a report of theft or assault. 

# 4 Prevention workshops

The officers of the Public Force will offer a workshop to the vacation rental homes property managers and hoteliers of Nosara, to offer advice on how to prevent burglaries. The NCA will let everyone know as soon as the date is confirmed.

Carelessness: the great advantage of thieves

Both the officers of the Public Force and the inspectors of the OIJ urge you to be more cautious with your homes and vehicles.

Open windows, poorly closed doors and turned off alarms, are some of the causes in the majority of thefts in Nosara.

We invite you to share with your clients, neighbors, friends or acquaintances this list of recommendations published by the Security Association to prevent theft: