The battle may have been lost, but the war continues.

The rains continue with little easing. We missed “little summer” in July with 35.5”, average is 12”. The rains are causing havoc to the roads, especially in the locations where people watered the road in front of their properties during dry season. Repairs and maintenance are being done, but with each downpour the road is once again destroyed. The giant Espavel tree next to the mini super Delicias del Mundo came down as a result of the rains. One more landmark gone.

The month of September will see an International Coastal Cleanup. Harmony Hotel will be working on September 10, at 8:00 with local school children. The Bandera Azul committee will be working on Playa Guiones on September 25. Data cards will be distributed to those cleaning, to keep track of the types of trash collected as well as the quantity. Bags, gloves and pencils will be provided. All this information will be posted on to

Please remember that trash bills can now be paid at Mini Super Delicias del Mundo, in the back office, Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-4:00 pm. $10/month for twice weekly (when they are able) household pick-up. Transfers can be made through Banco Nacional-contact

The property dispute between Richmond Phipps and over 20 private owners, including the NCA, in still in “process”. The government officials responsible for investigating the allegations are slow to move.
A bridge has been build within the NCA Parkland, and not by the NCA, from the road to the Gilded Iguana to the tennis courts. This is to help the guards “protect” the land.

For you property owners who have “illegal” wells, SENARA, the agency in charge of wells, is granting an amnesty to legalize your well. There are restrictions; such as too close to the beach, too close to a “legal” well, etc. We are trying to get the contact information.

The Nosara Security Committee continues to make some headway in the fight against crime. More police are on duty, both at the office of the Tourist Police, next to Century 21, 2682-0075 and in town. And a lot has been donated by the Asociacion Desarrollo de Nosara for a new police station in town, behind EBAIS.
A Blog is being set up for all of us to know what is happening. Losses can be reported and then posted, so if you are offered the “deal of the century”, you can find out from where it might have come.
A new security company is coming to Nosara and they are promising to “handle situations better” than previously. For more information, please contact Agnes Pinheiro
Jay Birdsall, consul general from the US Embassy, came to Nosara to listen to community members vent about the escalating crime situation in Nosara. His hands are tied and advised that “PREVENTION IS THE BEST SOLUTION TO LOWERING THE CRIME ON THE COMMUNITY.”

Five hundred trees where planted on Playa Guiones on June 5, but unfortunately, the crabs loved the majority of them.
The NCA is going to enter into a contract with Costas Verdes ( to start a nursery this year and plant 4000 native trees on Playa Guiones next year.

On August 4, there was an electrical fire at the minim super. Fortunately, no one was injured. The staff and volunteers are working on getting the store reopened.
If you have an emergency, when calling to report it, please identify yourself along with your phone #, what is the emergency, give the exact location and if anyone has been injured. More on The fire fighting equipment, donated by a Swiss town, is now located at the ASADA office, for better access.

August 3, 4 & 5 saw 19 World Vets neutered and treated hundreds of pets.

“Welder” Mark passed away on August 6 and was buried at the beach cemetery on August 7. A good man will be missed at his “office” on Playa Pelada.