The mission of the Nosara Civic Association is to preserve the total environment of the Beaches of Nosara by protecting against improper use of its assets, careless pollution and irresponsible development. The NCA promotes an understanding of the environment and careful community development through advocacy, conflict resolution and dissemination of information.

Another year has come and gone which means it is again time for the renewal of NCA membership dues. The NCA receives the vast majority of its income from the voluntary membership dues, community service assessments and donations. NCA membership is $50 per year for one person and $85 for two. Your annual voluntary community service, assessment is $125 for the first lot and $25 each additional lot. By being a member you are showing your support for our community. This money is used to fulfill our long-standing commitment to our community and our quality of life.
The NCA cooperates with other local associations in the maintenance of the airport, police assistance, assistance for the garbage dump, emergency road repair and provides humanitarian aid.
Don’t forget the benefit of the discounted group rate for medical insurance that members receive.
Your prompt payment of the enclosed is appreciated, as is your support for Nosara. Payment may be paid by mailing a check to our address above, transfer to Banco Nacional bank account #200-002—013-000835-1 or via SINPE transfer, “cuenta cliente” #15101320010008353. Please put your lot # in “concepto”.
One does not need to be a property owner to become a member of the NCA, just someone who appreciates Nosara.

NOTE: Annual dues and assessment payments do not include payment of your municipal taxes. Nicoya does not send tax bills to owners. It is your responsibility to make sure that your taxes are current. Please contact us if you need help with this process.

The Annual General Assembly Meeting of the NCA will be held January 20, 2009 at 9:00 am at the NCA office. (The meeting will start promptly at 9:00 because of the inauguration of the new president of the US, which is at 11:00 am.) Information meeting will be January 13 at 9:00. Please mark your calendars and bring a chair if you plan on attending. The main item on the agenda will be the election of a new Board of Directors of the NCA for a one year term, also the election of a new vice president to finish this term. If you are unable to attend the meeting and will be in Nosara some time before this date, you can give your proxy to another member. Proxies are available at the water office or from any current board member. If you are outside of Costa Rica, you must have a proxy notarized by a Costa Rican Consulate. Any member in good standing is more than welcome to run for the board, so don’t forget to join now. It is a thankless job, but one that needs doing. New officers take office April 2009.

Our website now has a second useful map. Thank you to Paula White and Heinz Stoll for their great work with both maps. Remember, only NCA business members will be used as reference points. Enlargements of the new topo map will be available for sale at the AGM and at the office.

The engineers from CONAVI are working on the plans for the paving of national route 160, from Samara, through Nosara and up the coast. According to the engineer, this will not be happening any time soon. It seems that the government will need to be purchase properties to straighten out many of the curves on the road and this will take time. Projected starting date is now October or November of 2009.

Civil Aviation is spending about $1 million to raise and repave and fence the runway in Nosara. The guard will also be paid by Civil Aviation. It looks good and is now fully operational.

President Rick Walker is doing an excellent job of communicating with the ASADA’s users. He has reported that the new wells and tank in Section E are now on-line. The board is waiting for the results of the geologist’s aquifer study before committing to new projects. An attorney has been retained to assist with AyA procedures for managing the water system. Finally, under new AyA regulations, the ASADA now file denuncias against illegal construction and failure to provide adequate sewage.

Parklands Dispute-Richmond Phipps is still preventing our surveyor and his workers from entering one of the NCA Parklands, even though she lost her claim of ownership. Most of the liens on properties have now been removed.
Gas Station-The only thing that the gas station is still not doing is pumping gas. The illegal changing of oil and selling of parts were shut down by the health department because of lack of sanitary permits, but have continued.
John Fraser-The new date for the hearing of the case John filed for damages has been set for January 26 and 28, 2009.
Environment-Numerous complaints have been filed by the NCA against MINAET (the environmental ministry), AyA (the water ministry) and the municipality of Nicoya. These complaints are based on the lack of enforcement, by each entity, of the existing Costa Rican laws, in other words “derelict of duty.”

The national emergency commission (CNE) and a committee of locals are working together to install a siren to alert residence of emergencies, such as Tsunami, earthquake or fire. It will take the participation of all of Nosara to make this functional. Residents are being asked for a $50 contribution for the construction of the tower and installation of the siren.

NOSARA SUSTAINABLE OPERATIONS LLC was the first to pledge 1% of all profits back to the community. Now other businesses are following this lead. CASA TUCAN and SAFARI SURF SCHOOL sponsored the repairs and painting of the beach cemetery wall in November and plan to do the same for the police station and the Nosara elementary school. HARBOR REEF is offering locals discounts in the store and restaurant and free access to its wireless network. There is no cost for membership. HARMONY HOTEL has a weekly beach clean up. LAGARTA LODGE regularly takes care of cleaning the river mouth. VISTA DEL PARASIO is collecting “toys for tots” this holiday season. HOTEL GIARDINO TROPICALE, CASA ROMANTICA, GILDED IGUANA, FROG PAD, NOSARA HOME RENTALS and HARBOR REEF, along with the schools of Santa Marta and Esperanza, are collecting recyclable plastics to raise awareness and money for these schools.

“Mango” Mike (Cannon)’s memorial service will be Saturday, December 13 and Dos Elstun’s service will be December 28. Both will take place at 4:30 pm at the beach cemetery, followed by a “celebration of their lives” at Marlin Bill’s

President: Marcel Schaerer
Secretary: Tiffany Atkinson
Treasurer: Rick Chalmers
Vocales: Bobbi Johnson, Tony Santeiro, Remo Britschgi
Fiscal: Peter Burke

Please contact any of the above with questions you might have.

NCAGM JANUARY 20, 2009-9:00 am (promptly)