January 24, 2012 was the annual meeting of the members of the NCA. Thank you to those who participated in this meeting.

The following were elected for a one year term of the board of directors, starting April 1, 2012.
President: Marcel Schaerer
Vice-President: Marco Johanning
Secretary: Roberta Johnson
Treasurer: Tiffany Atkinson
Vocal 1: Ann Marie Ermatinger
Vocal 2: Remo Britschgi
Vocal 3: Kim Shook
Fiscal: Peter Burke

The membership voted to give the ASADA a loan of $18,000 for a year to subsidize the current water rate cut, of which 22% of waters are not paying the monthly “donation”. Terms determined by the two boards, after approval by the ASADA members.

The NCA donate $20,000 for the construction of a community recycle center at the site of the current dump. Proceeds to come from the sale of a lot donated to the Asociacion Desechos y Reciclar de Nosara by Amigos de Nosara in 2008.

The NCA donate the property of the current dump to the municipality of Nicoya, as mandated by law.

A footpath will be opened through parkland 60747 to connect sections G & H to the business district, below Giardino Tropicale to below Banco Popular.

The National Institute of Insurance now is recognizing the NCA as a group for Regional medical protection at a much discounted rate and much better coverage. Please contact us to take advantage of this benefit.

Nicoya municipal property taxes are now payable, either in Nicoya or online through many Costa Rican banks.

In April of this year the health department threatened to close our dump. Fortunately, the municipality of Nicoya stepped in with a plan to form a “multi association” to manage the collection of trash. This association will include all local town associations, water companies, the recycle association, various government institutions and the municipality. If this association becomes a reality, then the municipality will have the right to embargo properties of those not paying their trash bills.

Students from New York Institute of Technology visited Nosara in January and presented their plans a recuperation center at the site of the current dump. After surveying the site they are returning to the drawing board to fine tune their design and then return in June to help with the construction. This is a great opportunity for Nosara.

The Asociacion Desechos Y Reciclar de Nosara is now a partner of Friends of Nosara.

Trash payments can me make at MiniSuper Delicias del Mundo, in the back office or via Lili Adams,, who has assumed the responsibility of the accounting for within the “project”. There are still many “non-payers” of this service.

The NCA office will be open, starting December 1, on Tuesdays and Fridays, 8-11 AM to receive membership payments, trash payments, to answer your questions and to receive the new, up-dated map/brochure.

Playa Guiones will be receiving two stars this year and Playa Pelada one star. These are for clean beaches.

Last month many contacts of the association received an email from Franklin Morales, previously an employee of the NCA that he was traveling and was robbed. Franklin did not send this. Our apologies to all who received this message. Hope no one sent money.

The evacuation map, in case of emergency,

The ASADA is having a difficult time getting the legal paperwork required to get its rate approval, so until this happens, please continue to pay your voluntary donation.
The 22% of those not paying are only hurting their neighbors and themselves. If we don’t have water, we have nothing. This year the membership of the NCA voted to make a loan of $1500 every month to the ASADA for it to be able to pay its rent.

Annual general assembly meeting of the ASADA was 22 February 2012 8:00 am. New board:
President: Chiqui Yaniz
Vice President: Peter Burke
Secretary: Karen Haskin
Treasurer: John Ermantinger
Vocales: Heide Cronqwist
Carl Wells
Olivier Van der Weid
Fiscal: Lili Adams

Not an easy job.
Don’t be mislead into thinking that the more water you use, the more money the ASADA makes. In reality, the costs are increased with consumption.
The 2682-0234 for the ASADA is often out of service, the other number is 2682-1050.

Things may be changing within our Refuge. The committee of environment of the national council has approved a new coastal community law for 53 coastal communities, including those in Pelada and Ostional. This law, if passed, will give all occupants their rights to live within the Refuge, under restrictions. This has not yet gone to the full council, but it is pending.

The local volunteer firefighters have been called upon two times in the last month, once for a car on fire on the road to the boca and the second to control a fire in a wood shop, next to Rancho Congo. Thanks to their quick response on their second call, the house was saved and spreading into the jungle was controlled. The car didn’t do so well.

As the firefighters are here to protect all of us, please make a donation. The Asociacion de Bomberos is now a partner of Friends of Nosara a not-for-profit corporation recognized as a public charity under Section 501-(c)3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to Friends of Nosara are deductible as charitable contributions by U.S. taxpayers. Bombero T-shirts are available at Surfing Nosara.

December 3, at Estancia 12-4 PM, Nosareños came to enjoy Expo Verde, sponsored by Nosara Sustainable and the NCA. There was cultural entertainment, local sustainable associations, “green” businesses, local community associations, food, drink, etc. followed by the semi-finals of the Futbol tournament at the Nosara soccer field.
With over 250 people in attendance the accumulated trash was one half of a medium bag. That is sustainable.

Richmond Phipps’ containers are still on private properties and the court system does not seem to be taking any actions to resolve the claims of the owners of these lands which are legally registered with the national registry, including NCA Parklands,

Environmental inspections are still pending.

THANK YOU to the current board for its hard work for the last year and to all our members for their continued support, especially our business members. Please support these businesses listed on our website.