2012 has now passed us by and we survived the Mayan “doomsday”. The board and members of the NCA are looking forward to another fulfilling year. Much has been accomplished and, of course there have been the few setbacks or no actions.

The good news is:
**The NCA was successful in getting the planos for “possession” land received from Amigos de Nosara in 2004 and soon it will be legally registered. A portion of this land is being used for the BioParque Nosara.
**The NCA was successful in getting the site for the new recycle/educational center, on the “high” road registered in its name.
**The NCA membership approved a loan to the recycle center to help continue its construction of $20,000 until such time as the lot designated for the recycle center by Amigos de Nosara can be sold.
**The BIOPARQUE NOSARA (walking/exercise trail) is now open with two kilometers of paths. It is beautiful, designed solely for walking. There is a sign at the entrance along the “high” road, a bit over a kilometer from five corners, before you get to Del Mar Academy. This will eventually be extended to over five kilometers. Our hope is to be able to offer visitors a place to enjoy nature and to appreciate all its wonders, while promoting family contact and respect for our planet.
**The NCA has been working with a San Jose attorney to assist in the recuperation of 16 stolen properties. Unsuspecting owners, some of whom pay their annual municipal taxes have had their property “sold” and they know nothing about it. Warnings of thefts have been posted, but it seems to be a much bigger problem that was originally thought. Please read the article in the Voice of Nosara about this.
**The NCA continues to be instrumental in the coordination of cooperation between various associations, committees and foundations to support “Nosara Sustenible’ in their effort to help promote Nosara as a Sustainable Community.
**The NCA received 3 stars from the Ecological Blue Flag for its protection of its Parklands.

**Members of the NCA can now take advantage of the reduced group rate for health insurance with $400,000 coverage.

The not so good news is:
**After years of the NCA trying to protect the Ostional Refuge from illegal occupation and destruction, the national water company has ordered two local ASADAs (water companies) to provide water connections to 34 households on Playa Pelada. The ASADA of Nosara installed the pipes and the ASADA of the Beaches of Nosara is now awaiting the results of a study to see if there is sufficient water for this service, without affecting current users and the legality of the order.
**For a second time in two years a land judge has planned for an audience regarding one of the properties which Richmond Phipps is claiming. And once again the hearing was suspended. No other actions or advances have happened. The fences and containers remain on privately owned properties, legally registered with the national registry.
**While working with the municipality of Nicoya, who is responsible for our trash recollection, to resolve the trash problems within the canton of Nicoya, the NCA realized that it has a lot to teach Nicoya. They are just beginning to recycle while we have been working on this for 20 years.
**Nicoya has included the construction of a recycle center in Nosara in its current trash management plan but to date; no funds have been received for the construction already in progress of the recycle/educational center here.

There will be an information meeting, open to all, on 22 January 2013, held at the NCA office at 9:00 am. Please bring your questions and concerns.
The Annual General Assembly Meeting, open only to members of the NCA in good standing, will be held 29 January 2013 at the NCA office at 9:00 am. This is for the election of a new board of directors, annual reports, budget approval, etc. If you need to pay your membership before the meeting, please arrive early, as board members will be there at 8:00 am. We would like to start promptly at 9:00 am. Hope to see you there.
If you have not received your invoice for membership, please contact us.

The ASADA of the Beaches of Nosara has made no progress in trying to regain the previously approved higher water rate from the national government and is currently losing about $5000/mo to provide our homes with water. We may be looking at rationing or reduced water pressure in the coming dry months. www.facebook.com/#!PlayasDeNosaraAsada
The 2682-0234 phone number for the ASADA is frequently out of service, the other number is 2682-1050.

Construction of the new recycle/education center is proceeding. Hopes were that the roof would be on before the end of the year, but it didn’t get done. Students from the New York Institute of Architecture (the designers of this building) are currently here to help with the construction.
Below are websites and a video of the project.
Permits were granted to drill a well next to the site and there is water. Now, we just need to get electricity to the site.
The Nosara Recycle Association is a partner of Friends of Nosara. www.friendsofnosara.com. Thank you to all who have made donations either cash, materials or labor. The association is still about $55,000 short of the project costs of construction alone, not including the budgeted operation for one year. All contributions are appreciated.

Christmas/New Years is probably the biggest time of year for Nosara, which means a lot more trash to be collected. Microsan has been doing the best that it can to try to collect everyone’s garbage, but some hotels can take up the whole truck; so please be patient.
The super markets now sell clear plastic bags in which you can put recyclables and make life easier for the separators at the dump. If you clean your wastes and do not put organics in the bags, no animals will want it. 50% of collected trash is organic.
Trash payments can be made at MiniSuper Delicias del Mundo, in the back office or via Lili Adams, liliadams@mac.com, who has assumed the responsibility of the collection of payments for the “project”. The NCA office is open on Tuesdays and Fridays, 8:00-11:00 am for receipt of membership dues and trash payments. There are still many “non-payers” of this service and we all want to see our trash gone.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

The second annual Expo Verde, sponsored by Nosara Sustainable www.sustainablenosra.com was held on 8 December at Del Mar Academy. This “green” event provided an opportunity for Nosara’s associations, foundations, organizations, government entities, artisans, and others to present themselves to the community. There was futbol, cultural dancing, music and food. It was a big success, attended by more than 500 people and there was NO TRASH. Foods/drinks were served on banana leaves or with biodegradable products. Coconuts had bamboo straws and nothing was sold in plastic.

12 January-Del Mar Academy Scholarship fund raiser-Del Mar Academy 5:00 pm-Tropical Noche. Dinner, salsa, silent auction, cash bar.
22 January-Information meeting at the NCA office-9:00 am. Open to all.
29 January-Annual General Assembly meeting of the NCA. 9:00 am (promptly) at the NCA office. If you want to pay on this day, please arrive early, someone will be there at 8:00 am.
1 February-Nosara Wildlife Rescue’s fifth (Monkey) fund raiser-Harbor Reef Lodge. 5:00 pm-Great food, silent and live auctions, lives music, cash bar.
24 February-Biblioteca (Library) David Kitson Annual theatrical performance-British comedy “Not Now Darling”- Details to follow.
2 June-3rd Annual Go Dog Go Dog Show-Details to follow.

The shaking continues, five months later.
Several fundraisers have taken place to aid the families of the seven homes totally destroyed, but more is needed and these families are awaiting government aid, which has not yet come. Donations for earthquake victims are being received through Friends of Nosara. www.friendsofnosara.org
Two weeks after the quake, we 12” of rain in 36 hours for a total of 24.3” in September.