On 21 April over 100 volunteers arrived at the dump to clean up the road to and from the dump. Over 1000 bags of trash were collected and separated for recycling.

Work has started on the new Nosara Recycle (Recuperation) Center, on 4410 m², donated by our association. The initiator of this “dream come true” is Tobias Holler, professor of architecture at the New York Institute of Technology. He and his students came to Nosara in January to present their designs for the center. After site inspections and local input, they returned to the drawing board and came up with a workable design. Local architect Lucca Spendlingwimmer finalized the plans and has gotten them approved.

Below are websites and about video about the project.!/NosaraSostenible!/NosaraDesignBuildStudioNYIT

The Asociacion Desechos Y Reciclar de Nosara is now a partner of Friends of Nosara. Thank you to all who have so far made donations or pledges. We are still about $85,000 short of the project cost of construction and operation for one year.

The super markets now sell clear plastic bags in which you can put your recyclables This makes life easier for the separators at the dump.

It was recently discovered that someone is now collecting the separated recyclables from homes and leaving the trash for Microsan to collect. Microsan is who we pay to handle all of our trash collection. It deserves to receive the benefit of what they collect and separate.

Trash payments can be made at MiniSuper Delicias del Mundo, in the back office or via Lili Adams,, who has assumed the responsibility of the accounting for within the “project”. The NCA office will be open again in November on Tuesdays and Fridays. There are still many “non-payers” of this service and we all want to see our trash gone.

The ASADA is currently losing $4000 per month from uncollected donations. They may survive another year. The board is working to get the old pre-approved rates reinstated, but it is taking time and money.

Updates on the current situation can be found on the Playas de Nosara ASADA’s Facebook page.

The 22% of those not paying are only hurting their neighbors and themselves. Without water, we have nothing.

To make matters worse, we are having a very dry “rainy” season. Way below average.

The 2682-0234 for the ASADA is often out of service, the other number is 2682-1050.

Nicoya municipal property taxes are now payable, either in Nicoya or online through many Costa Rican banks. Also, the municipality has announced that it will be “cracking down” on undervalued properties. One’s property should be “declared” with the municipality every five years.

There is currently a group of volunteer firefighters now on call in Nosara thanks to the efforts of Marcel Schaerer, Giardino Tropicale owner and NCA president, and his home town in Switzerland, who donated the equipment.

The firefighters, now 12 strong and all with uniforms, responded to 25 fire calls this year. The major one was at our dump, where they worked for over 12 hours trying to contain the fire, under very dangerous conditions. Fortunately, the fire was controlled and spreading to the adjacent jungle was avoided. The fire continued to smolder for almost two weeks.

The Firefighters Association was formed last year, but because of legalities in Costa Rica, a “volunteer” firefighters group cannot exist without a local fire house, without training and certifications from the government, certification from the national insurance monopoly, etc. So for now they are acting as just volunteers. The association is working on getting all in order legally, but in the mean time they are on call.

One of the volunteers, Jo Pinheiro, Villa Mango, has converted his personal truck into the “fire truck”.

Donations are needed, so please help. Donations can currently be made to the NCA’s “community services” account.
Remember, the next fire may be near your home. Bombero T-shirts are available at Surfing Nosara.

Debates continue in the national legislators committee about the changing of our Ostional Refuge from a fully protected state property to one a mix refuge, which would permit current residents to receive their rights to live in this coastal community.

There are many good causes in Nosara and not enough money to go to all.

14 Jan-Del Mar Academy Scholarship auction
15 Jan-Kitson Library play presentation
3 Feb-Nosara Wildlife auction
21 Mar – Surfing Nosara Foundation auction
3 June-Go Dog Go Dog Show for Nosara Animal Care
9 June-Recycle Center presentation
7 July-BBQ for Security Association
14 July-Concert for Firefighters and Security

Thousands of dollars were raised for all these worthwhile projects. Thank to all who contributed and continue to support our community.

All of these organizations and more are partners with Friends of Nosara which is a US 501(c)(3) public charity (EIN/Tax ID number: 13-4144380). Your donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowable by U.S. law.

For many years both Playa Guiones and Playa Pelada have beem awarded Costa Rica’s ecological “blue flag” in honor of their clean beaches

Nosara now has included four local schools and one private school in the Blue Flag School program. There is now a pilot program in Nosara for Sustainable Homes Blue Flag, thanks to the efforts of Jessi Sheffield.

There have been numerous beach days, school days, community days, education presentations, etc. all geared to make Nosara greener.

Parklands Dispute
Richmond Phipps’ containers are still on private properties and the court system does not seem to be taking any actions to resolve the claims of the owners of these lands which are legally registered with the national registry, including NCA Parklands.

THANK YOU to everyone for their hard work and to all our members for their continued support the NCA and OUR community. Please support the businesses listed on our website.

President: Chiqui Yaniz
Vice President: Peter Burke
Secretary: Karen Haskin
Treasurer: John Ermantinger
Vocales: Heide Cronqwist
Carl Wells
Olivier Van der Weid
Fiscal: Lili Adams