For those of you who are not able to enjoy Nosara, there was been an “invasion” of containers placed on private properties which have also been fenced, including two of the NCA’s Parklands, in sections G and H. Now lots in sections D and EE are being fenced, although there aren’t containers yet, there are armed guards. Richmond Phipps says that she is “protecting her land”. She feels that this warrants having armed guards living in the containers, which have been given electricity and have out-houses. In 2004, Phipps filed criminal charges against 10 people and put liens on over 40 properties, including at least five with existing homes. She lost the case and the court ordered the liens removed. She claims that she may have lost the criminal case, but she didn’t lose “her” land. The NCA, as well as the registered (with the national registry) owners of properties, have started legal actions. Unfortunately, the legal system here does not work quickly.

In its infinite wisdom, the Environmental Court has chosen not to deal with the decision as to whether or not the gas station is legal. It is operating and not polluting (at least yet), therefore it is not a problem. There are further measures which can be taken to continue the fight; however the board of directors has decided not to continue as we have since the estimated cost is another $40,000. Rather, we will concentrate on the monitoring of the area around the station, as well as pursuing other options through the court system. It ain’t over.

Sasha Daemore will be manning the NCA office on Tuesdays, 8:00 am-11:00 am. Please stop by with your questions, comments, or to pay your dues.

The rainy season has arrived with a vengeance. In April, we received 6.8” to 7.9”, depending on location. And in May we had 36” to 38.75”, again depending on location. May’s average from years before was 14.46”. Forty families were flooded in Nosara and the gas station was closed for a day. We could be in for a long one.

Much of the great work done on the roads before the rains started is now being ruined. The NCA is sending crews to chop the weeds at all major intersection and clean water right-of-ways.

The new volunteer board of directors of the ASADA was elected on May 26.
President: Rick Walker
Vice President: Peter Burke
Secretary: Olivier von der Weid
Treasurer: John Ermatinger
Fiscal: Heide Cronqwist
Vocales: Chiqui Yaniz, Don Savage, Gale Ottley
Once this new board is legally registered, it will start the required process for requesting an approved water rate increase.

On June 5, the Nosara Tourism Bureau coordinated, with ICE and MINAET to plant 500 native trees on Playa Guiones. ICE donated the trees (each costing about $7). Volunteers came with their shovels to help plant the trees in designated sectors. Local businesses have the responsibility to make sure these new saplings survive.

The Bandera Azul for Playa Guiones was raised on June 5, after the tree planting. This is the sixth year Playa Guiones has received this recognition. Del Mar Academy, the new private school in Nosara, also received a “Blue Flag” with the maximum three stars. Congratulations.

Please remember that trash bills can now be paid at the back office of Mini Super Delicias del Mundo on Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m. $10 A month for twice weekly (when they are able) household pick-up.

As a result of the hard work done by the Nosara Security Committee, we have an office of the Tourist Police in Playa Guiones. (Next to Century 21, 2682-0075). Unfortunately is doesn’t seem to be a deterrent to the thieves, they keep coming. Another patrol vehicle was also received. The police are doing what they can, but a major part of our problem is the lack of action from the OIJ (criminal investigators) and the legal system.

Neighborhood watches, with neighbor calling neighbor, are being set up in various sections and private guards are being hired to help protect our assets. Motion detectors, bars and alarms help. Wasp Spray, which can spray up to 20’ or 30’, is supposedly a better way to protect your self than pepper spray.

The Nosara town association is donating a piece of land for a new police station in Nosara, behind EBAIS, as the current one was being threatened to be closed by the health department. Hopefully we will have a new police station by the end of the year.

A Blog is being set up for all of us to know what is happening. Losses can be reported and then posted, so if you are offered the deal of the century, you can find out from where it might have come.