January 29 was the AGM of the members of the NCA. Below are the elected new board of directors taking office on April 1.

President: Alvin Rosenbaum
Vice-President: Bobbi Johnson
Secretary: Tiffany Atkinson
Treasurer: Marcel Schaerer
Vocal 1: Ann Marie Ermantinger
Vocal 2: Remo Britschgi
Vocal 3: Kim Shook
Fiscal: Peter Burke

Thanks go to the outgoing board for their hard work.

Also voted on and approved was the suspension of the $18,000 loan payment from the ASADA. The loan contract will be renewed for another year. It is required that it be shown on the books of the ASADA.

Thank you to all our current members for their support of the NCA and our community.

The ASADA of the Beaches of Nosara has installed a drinking fountain on Playa Pelada to provide potable water to the residents, as is their constitutional right. The ASADA has not received the applications for water meters and is still waiting for a reply from the national water company as to the legalities of providing meters to 36 homes.

Water pressure from the tanks will be reduced during this dry season in an effort to control usage. Please remember to conserve, your native plants will survive without watering. One day you may have to choose between you or your plants.!PlayasDeNosaraAsada
The 2682-0234 phone number for the ASADA is frequently out of service, their other number is 2682-1050.

Construction of the new recycle/education center is advancing with the roof on and the floor ready to be poured.
Below are websites and a video of the project.!/NosaraSostenible!/NosaraDesignBuildStudioNYIT

Still needed are:

All require money, which isn’t there. If you have an idea or have contacts that can help, please email Nosara Recycle Association is a partner of the U.S. tax deductible corporation, Friends of Nosara.

As we all know, trash collection and disposal is a major concern for all. MICROSAN, our collection company, is struggling to keep up. If you have seen the truck, you know it is on its last leg and is often out of commission for days. If we all put only clean “trash” in one bag, the animals won’t want it. Please do not add your organics and separate your recyclables.

Trash payments can be made at the back office of MiniSuper Delicias del Mundo, or via Lili Adams,, Payments are only $10 a month, for the “project”. Membership dues and trash payments can be made from 8-11 a.m. Tuesdays and Fridays. There are still many “non-payers” of this service and we all want to see our trash gone.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

As you drive around Nosara you will find more and more speed bumps, even on roads that have molasses. By law, speed bumps are only legal in front of a school, unless there is a special permit. Please be considerate of your neighbors and our tourists by not putting speed bumps in.

We have crime in Nosara and we need to take the necessary precautions for ourselves and our guests. Please, do not leave anything outside over night or within sight of a window. The Nosara Security Association sends out regular alerts about burglaries. If you are not receiving these, send an email to to be included.

Recently, there was a burglar caught in the act and then released by a judge in Nicoya. Local Canal 7 visited Nosara and interviewed people involved in the burglar’s apprehension.

You can add your voice by expressing your concerns to Celso Gamboa Sanchez, Vice Ministry of Security of Costa Rica. Explain to him what is happening here and maybe tell him your experience. It seems that he is a little misinformed about the crime rate in Nosara, so it would be great if he received hundreds of our emails!! His email address is:

Two of the partner organizations of the Friends of Nosara held their annual fundraisers in February.

The 5th Annual Fundraiser & Auction in support of Nosara Wildlife Rescue was held February 1. Almost 100 items or services were bid on in both a silent and live auction. All funds are used to treat injured wildlife and efforts to protect them from further injury caused by our encroachment into their habitat.

Biblioteca David Kitson’s Annual Dinner Theater Benefit was held two evenings this year. Attendees enjoyed the quick, witty, sly traditional British farce, Not Now Darling by Ray Cooney & John Chapman. Nosara’s library features a collection of more than 14,000 volumes and a computer center. It also provides English classes, computer classes, reading clubs and activities for seniors.

To find out more about Nosara’s non-profit organizations please visit where you can find information as to how you can make your U.S. tax deductible donation to your favorite Nosara organization.