As you may or may not know, the Ministry of Health has ordered the municipality of Nicoya to close the Nosara dump on May 10. According to the owner of MICROSAN, the company collecting our trash, this happens every four years when there is a new mayor of Nicoya. And the collection has continued for years. Collection of the trash is the responsibility of Nicoya, but it is said that there are no funds to service Nosara, even though we are the second highest tax contributor in the canton. Letters are being sent to the mayor requesting Nicoya’s assistance if the closing should happen, signed by various associations. Whether or not the closure does happen, there are many ways to reduce the amount of trash which goes to the dump.

REDUCE: Think about packaging when you purchase items and carry a cloth bag to take your groceries home.
REUSE: Purchase soda and beer in returnable bottles. These are less expensive that plastic or aluminum.
Nosara is fortunate enough to have two recycle centers where you can deposit the below:
•#1 and #2 plastics (there is a triangle on the bottom of bottles with the #s)
•Aluminum cans
•Glass containers, cleaned with the lids removed
•Tetra Pak containers (milk and juice boxes)
•Cardboard (dry and flattened)
•Car batteries
•Steel & iron
The recollection centers are located at the “old” gas station and next to the water company of the beaches/NCA offices. Harmony Hotel is receiving “E trash”, which is computers and all the electronic components that go with them. Call 2682-4113 to arrange for a drop off.

54% of the trash that the dump receives is organic and there is no reason for it to be there. All organic material can be used for compost or just tossed into the jungle, where it will disappear immediately. 25% of the trash is recyclable. So if we all take a little time to think about what are sending to the dump before we throw it out, the trash will be reduced by one quarter.
The NCA office, located next to the water company, is open Tuesdays, 8:00-11:00 am to receive payments for trash, membership payments and to answer questions.

Just before Semana Santa, one of the busiest times of the year, the Ministry of Health closed the Nosara Police station for not meeting three requirements: no handicap accessibility, no toilet in the holding cell and lids on the trash cans. In January, there were 24 violations. The community of Nosara worked together with private donations to meet the requirements, but was not able to complete these three.
How Nosara can survive without a dump and a police force are matters that are responsibilities of the municipal and state governments, but no support or assistance has been given. Nosara is again forced to “fend for itself”.
www.voiceofnosara has more information about both of these stories and more.

The Nosara Chamber of Tourism, the NCA, sustainable hotels and various “green” associations are working to have a Green Expo in December. For more information contact info@nosaratourism.com

Playas Guiones and Pelada received one star and NCA parklands received three stars.

Legal certifications of documents are now available online. Visit http://www.rnpdigital.go.cr

PHIPPS-A hearing with the “Land” judge from Sta. Cruz was to have taken place in February at one of the lots which Phipps has “claimed” with her fences, even though the property is in the National Registry in another person’s name. The hearing was cancelled on that same morning on a technicality. Passage into the NCA Parklands continues to be blocked. OIJ (investigative police) came out the last week of April to do inspections of seven properties (out of at least 26, that we know of), as ordered by the Nicoya fiscal. At least it is a small step forward.

REFUGE-MINAET (the Ministry of Environment) is pushing the national legislators to approve a new law for the Refuge, which would change the status of the Refuge from one owned by the state (no one can be within the 200 meter zone) to a mixed Refuge. This would mean that the state would not have to expropriate legal owners (for which they do not have money) and would allow occupants without title to remain, under restrictions. Everything else is on hold.

Last year, the NCA and Costas Verdes, entered into a contract to plant 4,000 year-old trees in Playa Guiones this rainy season. www.CostasVerdes.org is an organization focusing on restoration of coastal beaches through planting native trees.
Students from the local schools are being recruited and are receiving instructions for assisting in the planting in June. Businesses are all being asked to support this project through follow up weeding, watering (shouldn’t be necessary unless no rain) and fertilizing. Please contact the NCA if you are interested in participating.

The Association of Firefighters and Disaster of Nosara has now been formed to deal with fires and emergencies which may occur in Nosara. There are 12 volunteer firefighters training twice a month with the equipment that Marcel Schaerer received as a donation from his home town in Switzerland and all the equipment is being housed in the NCA building as a community service. They will also be able to deal with other emergencies, such as Tsunamis and earthquakes. The emergency evacuation map is on our website. Best check to see where you are supposed to go. https://www.nosaracivicassociation.com/Tsunami-Evacuation-Plan.html There will be a test of the emergency siren system, installed by the NCA. DON’T BE ALARMED WHEN WE TEST THE ALARM! MAY 26TH AT NOON. Please contact info@giardinotropicale.com to complete a survey after the test and to inquire as to how you can help provide needed equipment. The NCA and its members are working to make Nosara a safer, better place to live. In case of fire, call 2682-0571, Seguridad Pacific Nosara. The firefighters responded to its first fire at the Harmony Hotel early April 14. No serious damage was caused.

The board of the water company (ASADA) is doing an excellent job communicating and managing our ASADA. We have been fortunate enough that there has not been the necessity for rationing this year.
The process for receiving an approved rate increase is a long and difficult one. Until a new rate is approved, please continue to pay your “donation” of your water bill if you wish to potable water delivered to your home and if you are building, pay the impact fee. The impact fees are needed to upgrade the system to handle the increased demand. All the ASADA employees agreed to take a 22% pay cut in order to continue working and maintain the system. At the Annual General Assembly meeting of the NCA in January, the membership voted unanimously to have the NCA make a “donation” to the water company of $1500/month so that it is able to pay the rent due to the NCA. This means that the NCA is losing the monthly income received from the water company, which is used to support our community.

If you are not a member, either as an individual or a business, you are not supporting the community. The NCA has worked for over 35 years to protect the very reason we are all here-the natural beauty.
If you are a member, thank you.
Invoices were sent out at the end of 2010 and there is still time to participate. Your prompt payment is appreciated, as is your support for Nosara. Payment may be paid by mailing a check to our address above, payable to Asociacion Civica de Nosara, transfer to Banco Nacional bank account #200-002—013-000835-1 or via SINPE transfer, “cuenta cliente” #15101320010008353, cedula # 3-002-056509. Please put your lot # or business in “concepto”. One does not need to be a property owner to become a member of the NCA, just someone who appreciates Nosara. The NCA office, located next to the water company, is open Tuesdays, 8:00-11:00 am to receive membership payment, payments for trash and to answer questions.
PLEASE NOTE: Annual dues and assessment payments do not include payment of your municipal taxes. Nicoya does not send tax bills to owners. It is your responsibility to make sure that your taxes are current. Please contact us if you need help with this process.

President Marcel Schaerer
Vice President Rick Chalmers
Secretary Bobbi Johnson
Treasurer Tiffany Atkinson
Vocales Remo Britschgi
AnnMarie Ermatinger
Dain Shook
Fiscal Peter Burke

Pease contact any of us with questions.