For years, people have been trying to get rid of the term
“American Project” and from now on let’s call this area “Playas de Nosara”.
People seem to be taking offense to the use of the “dump” road. It this should now be called the “high” road to town.

Various town and local associations, including the NCA, are working on creating a new canton (municipality) of Nosara. Included in this new canton are: Samara, Garza, Esperanza, Nosara, Ostional and San Juanillo.
What does this mean?
It means that if this action is successful, our tax dollars will stay here. Nosara receives almost no benefits from the municipality of Nicoya, even though we were the second highest tax contributor according to reports from a couple of years ago.
Nicoya is responsible for maintenance of the roads within “Playas de Nosara” and Nosara and our trash collection. Central Nosara has been paved and there are plans for paving through Arenales, but nothing in “Playas de Nosara” nor no help with our trash. Each section has been responsible for its own roads.

On May 2 the national legislators passed the Ley Tecocos, which gives all coastal communities the right to inhabit where they are living, regardless of whether it is the Zona Maritima (the “public” inalienable 50 meter zone) or if it a Refuge, like the Ostional Refuge. This means that the people living on Playa Pelada will have the rights to stay. The land cannot be sold and there are requirements to receive these rights. The law still has to pass another vote, but it appears that it will become law.

As of April 1, the below have assumed their new roles as members of the board of the NCA.
President: Alvin Rosenbaum
Vice-President: Bobbi Johnson
Secretary: Tiffany Atkinson
Treasurer: Marcel Schaerer
Vocal 1: Ann Marie Ermantinger
Vocal 2: Remo Britschgi
Vocal 3: Kim Shook
Fiscal: Peter Burke

Thank you to all our current members for their support of the NCA and our community.

This year was an extremely dry “Dry Season” and everyone was affected with water outages. All of the local ASADAs (water companies) did their best to limit the outages, but there were still people watering the roads, letting automatic sprinklers run, washing their cars and whatever to waste water.
Fortunately, the rains have started (2.4” in April) and we are now witnessing the transformation of Nosara.!PlayasDeNosaraAsada
The listed 2682-0234 phone number for the ASADA is frequently out of service, the other number is 2682-1050.
Please continue to pay your voluntary donation for the water and your impact fees. The water company will not survive without these.

Construction of the new recycle/education by the Asociacion de Desechos y Reciclaje Center is near completion. If you haven’t seen it, drive on the “high” road and take a look.
It still lacks kitchen equipment, beds, furniture, a computer and all the things that go with these. If you have anything you would like to donate, please contact
The Nosara Recycle Association is a partner of the U.S. tax deductible corporation, Friends of Nosara.

MICROSAN has purchased a newer, bigger collection vehicle to add to the old one. The monies collected from advance payments helped to make this possible. Please make sure that the road right-of-way is free of obstacles so turning around will be easier. This new vehicle will help improve our service, so please make sure that you are current.
Lili Adams,, is back in the states but still will receive payments. This also means that the NCA office is not manned by a volunteer. If you need us, please send an email.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

The third annual Go Dog Go Dog Show, to benefit Nosara Animal Care (spay/neuter clinic), will be held this year on June 2, at Campo Alegre’s tennis court. Please join us for this fun event. Entry forms and information are available at

Two hearings were “postponed” at the last minute regarding the actions of Richmond Phipps fencing in private properties and putting containers on properties. These cases are now three years pending.

Coming soon, there will be food bank receptacles at local grocery stores to donate food items to those in need. A group from the Catholic Church will be in charge of distributing these items. So, when shopping, pick up an extra bag of rice, beans, milk, coffee, whatever and deposit in the bin.

Costaverdes has started its project for reforesting Playa Guiones with about 2000 trees. This project was started a couple of years ago and has had some success and it is learning from its errors. CostaVerdes is now a recipient of US tax deductible funds through Friends of Nosara, under the NCA’s Beach Protection.
Help them give us shade on Playa Guiones.

Thank you to all our members for their support.