Once again it is time to support Nosara with your annual membership dues and community assistance donation to the NCA. Without everyone’s support, the NCA will be unable to function as it is mandated. Your prompt payment is appreciated. Payment information is on the invoice. In an effort to save printing and mailing expenses, invoices are being sent via email. If you would like to receive a hard copy of these, please let us know. One does not need to be a property owner to become a member of the NCA, just someone who appreciates Nosara.

NOTE: Annual dues and community assessment payments (community help) do not include payment of your municipal taxes. Nicoya does not send tax bills to owners. It is your responsibility to make sure that your taxes are current. Please contact us if you need help with this process.

The Annual General Assembly Meeting of the NCA will be held January 24, 2012 at 9:00 am at the NCA office. There will be an information meeting on January 10 at 9:00. Please mark your calendars and bring a chair. The main items on the agenda will be the election of a new Board of Directors of the NCA for a one year term, report of the last year’s work and the approval of the budget. All members of the nca in good standing are invited to attend the AGM and are eligible to run for the board, so don’t forget to join now. It is a thankless job, but one that needs to be done.

Every year the “deck gets shuffled” with the current board members switching positions, so it is time for some “new blood” to come on board. If you care about our community and would like to try to help to make a difference for Nosara, please step forward.

THANK YOU TO ALL NCA MEMBERS-We look forward to your continued support.

In April of this year the health department threatened to close our dump. Fortunately, the municipality of Nicoya stepped in with a plan to form a “multi association” to manage the collection of trash. This association will include all local town associations, water companies, the recycle association and the municipality. If this becomes a reality, then the municipality will have the right to embargo properties of those not paying their trash bills.

The New York Institute of Technology has offered to help with a community project in Nosara and a Recycle Center at the entrance to the current dump was chosen. The institute will send architectural students to Nosara in January to complete the plans and then return in June or July to help with the construction of this building. This, of course, will take funding from all of Nosara, but will be an example for many other rural communities.
Trash payments can me make at MiniSuper Delicias del Mundo, in the back office or via Lili Adams,, who has assumed the responsibility of the accounting for within the “project”.

The NCA office will be open, starting December 1, on Tuesdays and Fridays, 8-11 AM to receive membership payments, trash payments, to answer your questions and to receive the new, up-dated map/brochure.

The evacuation map, in case of emergency,

The ASADA is having a difficult time getting the legal paperwork required to get its rate approval, so until this happens, please continue to pay your voluntary donation. The 22% of those not paying are only hurting their neighbors and themselves. If we don’t have water, we have nothing. Last year the membership of the NCA voted to make a donation of $1500 every month to the ASADA for it to be able to pay its rent. That is $18,000 coming from the NCA’s budget that could be used for other community projects.

Annual general assembly meeting of the ASADA is 22 February 2012 8:00 am make sure you attend – it is an election year. You must be a member of the ASADA to have your say. Please verify that you are.

NOSARA FIREFIGHTERS Thanks to the efforts of Marcel Schaerer (Giardino Tropicale and the NCA president) and members of a firefighters unit from Marcel’s home town in Switzerland, Nosara now has an Association of Firefighters with 12 active firefighters who regularly train. The equipment is stored at the NCA building. As firefighters are here to protect all of us, please make a donation. Contact us for more information.

Things may be changing within our Refuge. The committee of environment of the national council has approved a new coastal community law for 53 coastal communities, including those in Pelada and Ostional. This law, if passed, will give them their rights to live within the Refuge, under restrictions. This has not yet gone to the full council, but it is pending.

Save December 3, at Estancia 12-4 PM, to come enjoy Expo Verde, sponsored by Nosara Sustainable and the NCA. There will be cultural entertainment, local sustainable associations, “green” businesses, local community associations, food, drink, etc. followed by the semi-finals of the Futbol5 tournament at the Nosara soccer field starting at 4-7 PM. Full program will be available shortly on the above website and on Facebook.

The Association of Security of Nosara continues its efforts to keep the Tourist Police housed in Playa Guiones and to improve the facility in central Nosara. Election of new board will be 11 November 2011, 9:00 am at Casa Tucan. Again, your support is needed, physically and financially.


Parklands Dispute-Richmond Phipps’ containers are still on private properties and the court system does not seem to be taking any actions to resolve the claims of the owners of these lands, including NCA Parklands, which are in the national registry.
Gas Station-The gas station is now operating but its permits are being verified. Environmental inspections are still required.
John Fraser-The last hearing of the John Fraser vs Bobbi Johnson and the board for the NCA for the removal of a sign on NCA parkland was July 2011 when we were finally able to have an audience with a judge. His final decision was that neither Bobbi Johnson nor any member of the board of directors is guilty of the criminal charges John had made. John did not appeal this decision.

11 November 2011-Annual General Assembly Meeting of the Association of Security Nosara-9:00 am Casa Tucan
3 December 2011-Expo Nosara Sostenible – 12:00-4:00 pm, Estancia Hotel
3 December 2011-Semi-finals Futbol5 4:00 pm-¿?
4 December 2011-Finals-Futbol5
¿? December 2011-Annual General Meeting of the Touism Association
23, 24, 25 December 2011-Esperanza Fiestas
8 January 2012-Annual Friends of Nosara meeting-10:00 am-Marlin Bill’s Restaurant
10 January 2012-NCA Information meeting-9:00 am-NCA office
24 January 2012-Annual General Assembly Meeting of the NCA-9:00 am-NCA office
26-29 January 2012-Nosara Fiestas
3 February 2012-Annual Nosara Wildlife monkey fundraiser
22 February 2012-Annual General Assembly Meeting of the ASADA-8:00 am-NCA/water office

President Marcel Schaerer
Vice President Rick Chalmers
Secretary Bobbi Johnson
Treasurer Tiffany Atkinson
Vocales Remo Britschgi
AnnMarie Ermatinger
Dain Shook
Fiscal Peter Burke

Pease contact any of us with questions.