This afternoon the Ministry of Health confirmed that active cases in the canton of Nicoya amounted to ten, for a total of 14 accumulated cases.

Due to rumors on social networks about possible infections in Barco Quebrado, the NCA contacted the press department of the Ministry of Health; however, the institution has not yet segregated the data by district, only by cantons. This means that it is still not possible to confirm to which districts the 14 cases of Nicoya belong.

Press officials indicated that in the coming weeks the Government will update this tool (click here), in order to see the details of the progress of the cases by districts and cantons.

According to the data offered this afternoon by Health, Costa Rica registered 74 new cases today, for a total of 1,612 confirmed cases. In addition, 12 unfortunate deaths are counted.

The NCA also confirmed the closure of the Nicoya OIJ office. According to the press department of the Judiciary, an official of the institution tested positive for the virus.

In accordance with the procedure of the Ministry of Health, the building will be disinfected. Meanwhile, the complaints that arrive will be received in the facilities of the Courts and the staff of other delegations will assume the cases of Nicoya.

For now, in the NCA we will continue investigating the two possible cases in Barco Quebrado and thus understand the real situation in Nosara, but we will not disclose information until we have official data from the Ministry of Health.