At the Nosara Civic Association we dream that in our community there are more electric vehicles than those that use fossil fuels; that dream is not far from reality.

In the middle of this year, the NCA made an alliance with the organization Rutas Eléctricas Costa Rica and with the Corclima foundation, to create an electric charging route in Nosara and position ourselves nationally and internationally as a friendly destination for electric cars.

What Is an Electric Route?

It is a charging network on its way to a specific community to encourage the use of electric vehicles. These routes are made up of a series of charging points with outlets and semi-fast chargers, duly installed and labeled.

The charging points will be located in places such as restaurants, hotels, attractions and other companies or organizations. Users will be able to charge their vehicles while they rest, eat, shop or simply enjoy the place they visit.

Thanks to the support of Corclima, Monteverde was the first and only community In Costa Rica to have an electric route, However, market trends indicate that more and more people and institutions are interested in electric vehicles.

According to data from the Ministry of Environment and Energy (Minae), in 2020, the registration of electric cars grew by 34%. In addition, the Minae Energy Directorate projects that by 2023, Costa Rica will have a total of 12,650 electric cars in circulation.

On September 9th, we brought together businessmen and representatives of hotels and restaurants in Nosara, at the Edunamica facilities, to explain what an electric route is and why it is important for Nosara to move in that direction.

Nosara Electric Route

It is worth noting that there are already three charging points in Nosara: the Hardware Store, Wanderlust and the Harmony Hotel. However, for the organization Rutas Eléctricas Costa Rica, 15 charging points are necessary to make it official that a community has an electric route.

At the NCA we are very excited to announce that offered to donate 50% of the cost of these charging points, for a minimum of 12 small businesses that want to have an L2 charging point (semi-fast) and do not have the economic capacity to fully finance the project.

On average, entrepreneurs and small businesses that want to have a semi-fast station will only have to pay $250. If you are interested, please write directly to the email:

The idea is to put charging stations at strategic points in the community, in places where people can park their vehicles for long periods of time, to be able to charge them.

We also want to announce that there are other hotels committed to the project. Bodhi Tree, Olas Verdes and Lagarta Lodge will also install a charging station.

In case you have a business (of any kind) and want to be part of the Ruta Eléctrica Nosara, you can write to: . All the information you need to know will be sent to you.

When it comes to offering a charging point with the proper installation, a business would be offering an innovative element that would differentiate it from the rest. The transition to electric mobility is already happening. It is similar to when Wi-Fi was something new and those businesses that offered it stood out from the rest. Soon, charging electric car users will be the norm. For now, those who do will be at the forefront.