The rains have brought lushness and beauty to our hillsides again, but our trash-glutted landfill remains an eyesore. Fortunately, recycling continues to grow as a counterforce and to pay off for Nosara.

On June 9 a truck left the Nosara Recycling Center loaded with 662 kilos of recycled aluminum and 1,260 kilos of plastic. The sale to Florida Bebidas brought the center 945,000 colones in revenues, to be shared with workers who painstakingly sort through the landfill´s garbage to extract recyclable materials. Nosara Recicla expects to have enough cardboard to make another sale by the end of June.

In other news, a Global Leadership Adventures group visited the center on June 12, when they toured the facility to learn about our landfill and Nosara Recicla’s activities to alleviate the problems it presents. This is one of seven such groups that will visit the center this year, the third year of such visits. Global Leadership Adventures takes high school students throughout the world, with the aim of teaching them to be mindful travelers. Two GLA programs are based in Nosara: the Initiative for Children and the Animal Rescue project.

Finally, there’s encouraging news beyond Nosara. As we grow weary of filling bags with the trash that litters our beaches, a group called Ocean Cleanup is developing advanced technologies to combat the five great ocean gyres of plastic. Founded by Boyan Slat in 2008, when he was 17 years old, the company has already fished an impressive amount of detritus out of the water and continues to refine its methods as the gyres continue to accumulate waste. Another milestone in cleaning up the Great Pacific Gyre, the largest and closest to Central America, is approaching. Read more about it here: