The indirect influence of Hurricane ETA on our national territory generated heavy rains in the province of Guanacaste and, as a consequence, large floods in the district of Nosara.

The Nosara Emergency Committee yesterday enabled the ring as a shelter for those affected and according to its coordinator, Andrés Fernández, they have already received 140 people who have left their homes due to the impact of the floods. The number of victims could increase during the day due to prolonged rains.

If you want to help as a volunteer in the shelter, you must enter this is the link to join the WhatsApp chat where they coordinate the people attending the emergency. Please, when entering, introduce yourself with your full name and your availability of hours.

The shelter is in need of help from donations of non-perishable food items, in addition to clothing, towels, cleaning supplies, water, baby diapers, and dog food. To help, you can leave your donations in the Organic Supermarkets and Delicias del Mundo.

In case you wish to donate money, you can do so through the Amigos de Costa Rica page, at this link. There you will find the option of Bomberos de Nosara  and you only have to indicate in the subject “Nosara Floods 2020”.

Damage in Nosara

According to the president of the Nosara Integral Development Association, Marcos Ávila, the communities most affected by the floods are Hollywood, San Carlos, Santa Marta, San Pedro, the Mala Noche sector, the gas station sector and Santa Teresita. According to Ávila, almost 45 families have had to leave their homes.

The Nosara Civic Association spoke with the mayor of Nicoya, Carlos Armando Martínez, who explained that one of the priorities they are working on is to resolve access to Nosara, since the San Fernando bridge fell.

According to the mayor, the incident has already been reported to Conavi, but they are enabling access through Zaragoza for 4×4 cars, since the installation of the bridge could take several days.

For now, the garbage collection service is disabled since the truck that comes from Nicoya has no way to enter the Nosara community.

What is the forecast for today?

According to the latest report from the National Meteorological Institute (IMN), tropical storm Eta will continue over northern Nicaragua and a gradual reduction in intensity is estimated. It could downgrade to a tropical depression tonight. Entry into Honduran soil is forecast at dawn on Thursday.

For today, during the morning and afternoon, Costa Rica will continue under the indirect influence of Hurricane Eta, so the rains will continue. The Pacific slope will continue with storm conditions with heavy rains for most of the day. Intermittent rains of variable intensity are expected in the Central Valley and mountains of the Caribbean and the North Zone.