The good news: Nosara Recicla sold 4,130 kilos of plastic and 1,102 of aluminum to Florida Bebidas in April.

The bad news: At this week’s Guiones Beach cleanup, Bobbi Johnson put bags at each entrance with a sign saying “Take Bag, Clean Beach.” When she returned to collect them at the end of the day, most entrances had only one or two bags of trash waiting, and the cemetery entrance had none, even though all the bags were gone.

She and another volunteer found one of the bins at Baker’s Beach full of unbagged household garbage including diapers, open containers of yogurt, fruit, egg shells – and maggots feasting on it all.

We all know Bobbi is a force of nature, but keeping our beach clean is everybody’s job. Please pitch in. Beach trash bags and beach trash bins are for beach trash. Household trash belongs in your household’s receptacles. Food waste and other organic garbage belongs in a compost bin, or buried on your property.

Are we preachy? Yes. It’s likely that if you’re reading this, you already know and follow these “beach rules.” But obviously, not everybody in Nosara is as wise. So please spread the word to your neighbors, whether they’re newcomers or visitors renting a house.

Also please help us clean trash from the trails. A monthly cleanup will begin next Friday, May 26. Meet at 8 a.m. at the Pelada tennis courts.

Let’s get trash off our roads and beaches. Thanks!