If you’re enjoying the Senderos de Nosara, we have exciting news — and an opportunity to contribute.

A new working group consisting of runners, mountain bikers, and nature lovers are planning to expand the Nosara trails in the parkland between Guiones and Pelada. The principal access to this part of the trail network is next to the Pelada tennis courts. Encompassing nearly 25 hectares, this section is one of the most extensive and, because it connects the two beaches, is one of the most popular. It consists of about 1.5 kilometers of natural trails, boasting immense trees of such diverse species as jobo, guanacaste, and terciopelo. A network of intermittent ravines join and flow together in North Guiones to form a small estuary.

The work plan will add about 1 km of nature trails. Some of the new trails will connect with existing ones to form circuits or loops, so that you can lengthen or shorten the route to your liking. Old trails will be reopened to provide more exits to parts of Section C in Playa Pelada. The group also proposes to mount the wooden benches on crushed stone, keeping them from direct contact with the soil, to increase their longevity.

In the near future the group hopes to re-establish additional entrances in sections G and H, and eventually to connect the trails with the Marcel Schaerer Biopark in section L by following the ravine through Section E. This extension would make it possible to increase the network by making connections to sections E, EE, and M.

You can help speed up these improvements with a donation at www.nosaracivicassociation.com/donate/

In the comments field, earmark the donation for Senderos de Nosara (Nosara Trails) Expansion.

NCA is also initiating a monthly trail cleanup, on May 26 at 8 am at the Pelada tennis courts. Please join us in keeping the trails beautiful.

Thank you!