Surely you are reading this newsletter because you either were born in Nosara, live in Nosara or because you have decided to spend some days or months of the year in this wonderful place that captures us all with its magic. (And that each year continues to attract more and more people).

The magic of Nosara is no accident. It is the result of the vision and hard work of the Nosara Civic Association and its valued members –  who since 1975 have promoted development hand in hand with nature.

Starting today, you will see how both on our website and on our social networks, we will be promoting this fundraising campaign. But before asking for financial support from all those who value the treasure that is Nosara, we want you to believe in us and be aware of how Nosara is today. Much of what you see today is thanks to the work of projects of the NCA.

To begin with, if it had not been for the work of the NCA, the beaches of Guiones and Pelada would not be part of the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge. It was not until 1985 that both beaches were included in the refuge, allowing the Government of Costa Rica to ensure their protection and conservation.

The work of the Association does not stop there. The NCA  also owns more than 240 hectares of land that were once bare pastures and that are now in conservation. Today they are secondary forests, which, according to the National University, capture an average of 7.8 tons of carbon per hectare per year. To date, each hectare of forest in the Association stores 251 tons of carbon.

Without the Nosara Civic Association, the Nosara community would continue to have an open-air dump. Today it is working on its technical closure. This is a very expensive undertaking and the NCA is moving forward with it despite not having all the funding to complete it. The decision to get started was made due to the importance of protecting our aquifer.

According to budget estimates, this project has a cost of US $ 584,886 –  money that needs to be raised.

The Nosara Civic Association dreams that when the technical closure is finished, a community park can be built in that space. It will  include a skatepark, amphitheater and other attractions that promote a better cultural integration in the community. The property is located between the tourism sector and the local population.

Why are we asking for support?

The answer is very simple: we want to keep working to make Nosara a model community that values ​​the well-being of all living beings.

To have a more comprehensive vision we now have five areas of work, These are “Mobility”, “Biodiversity Conservation”, “Citizen Empowerment”, “Scientific Research” and “Government Support”.

Most of you may know about the NCA from our beautiful trails, but we do a lot more than just maintain those 12 km.

We want to promote mobility in the Nosara community with alternative routes so that people can easily transport themselves between the tourism sector and the town. We want to generate an electrical route to promote the use of renewable energy transportation. We are also trying to create more leadership processes where we are going to involve the community more, such as with Innovation Laboratory projects and citizen participation forums.

We could continue with our  list of projects, but we do not want to overwhelm you. We want to remind you that we continue with the defense of the building  regulations for the buffer zone of the refuge –  a fundamental tool to conserve and protect the immense wildlife that inhabits our community. (For those who want to know more and read about each of our projects, you can do so by visiting our site in this section).

If you love this community as much as we do, we invite you to be a part of this movement.

For our organization your support is essential – be it your time, your desire to work with us or your financial support. If you wish to donate, you can do so through this link.

Together, we can accomplish our goal of creating a model community.